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Rdizzlefohshizzle t1_ivfghw7 wrote

tl;dr: A new study to provide blood transfusions to rare patients who have highly specific blood requirements that go beyond Blood type. The generated blood cells are made from stem cells found in blood from donors. These cells have a production rate of 1:30,000 (stem cell:red blood cell). The lab blood will be tested on healthy patients in 2 small doses over a span of 8 months. Challenges faced: stem cells blood production is not unlimited and lab production is more expensive than receiving blood donations (cost of employees, transport, etc.)

For some info: The average blood infusion is about 600 ml This translates to about 3 billion cells transfused It is unclear what type of stem cell and how much of it is derived from the blood donation. This process could be efficient/extremely inefficient.

Someone shorten this further for me


banjaxedW t1_ivfhmzq wrote


We made special blood and gave it to people. Could be good could be bad.

Someone shorten this further for me


goosebattle t1_ivfixgb wrote

Can't shorten, but ELI5:

Nice scientists grew a lot of blood out of a little bit of blood. They gave this blood to people who don't have enough blood. The scientists are waiting to see if the blood they grew will help the people they gave it to.


Rdizzlefohshizzle t1_ivfjwx0 wrote

>Nice scientists grew a lot of blood out of a little bit of blood.

I'd like to argue it's more like: nice scientists grew special blood from normal blood.

It's unclear how much blood they could produce from the blood they recieved. The beauty of it is that it is blood that is supposed to be more easily accepted in patients with high requirements for a blood transfusion.


gianniks t1_ivfip2w wrote

TLTLTL;DRDRDR Fake blood make reddit go brr


frenabo t1_ivgkjub wrote


Made blood. Might work.

Make shorter please.


jaycuboss t1_ivhqu85 wrote

Gave lab blood to humans, very expensive. Maybe cheaper some day?


Narberal_Delta t1_ivhut0d wrote

Doesn't matter at the moment, they're still in the test phase seeing how it interacts with the human body, we're not even up to actual transfusions yet. They have to get over that hurdle before we're talking wide scale use so how much they can produce efficiently isn't the #1 priority right now.

If it causes anaphylactic reactions, doesn't clot or has other negative side effects it's a dead end, go back to the drawing board.


mykulFritz t1_ivg0329 wrote

I hope they call it “beyond blood”, or impossible blood, or, “I can’t believe it’s not human.”

Just to be clear, I think this is actually pretty cool, I’m just making a little joke.


I-Have-An-Alibi t1_ivg5voo wrote

Soylent Red

  • Also available in Diet for today's calorie conscious vampire on the go!

axyz77 t1_ivfqezl wrote

Last thing I need is a Vampire who rants to me about how he only drinks lab grown blood.


Wiknetti t1_ivfvofs wrote

It’s ethical! You wouldn’t get it. You think humans can just consent for us to suck their necks dry and turn them into thralls? It’s 2022.

I rant as I wear my human leather jacket and human bone sunglasses



pdeboer1987 t1_ivgr9bu wrote

It would definitely be the opposite. Vampire Gwyneth Paltro only eats virgin, GMO free, free range, natural children.


sanjsrik t1_ivf14d0 wrote

Wow. Just, wow.


GreaterButter t1_ivg2nb0 wrote

I know people are already about to be like "They're playing god!!!" But like, think about how many people this could save? I'm not saying you just all start injecting yourself with lab grown blood and not ask any questions.

But completely ignoring the benefits for people who actually need it is just stupid.


DeepLock8808 t1_ivgxxob wrote

We played god when we made dogs 20,000 years ago. That ship has sailed.

Now give me my glasses and coffee while I listen to music on my pocket supercomputer while reading the sum total of human knowledge in the form of cat memes. As I board a plane. Which was built using knowledge from an unnatural cultural transmission method called “university”.

tl;dr We’ve already hacked our brain’s software to make the impossible possible and we’re getting better at it all the time.


leese216 t1_ivgdl63 wrote

Looks like the beginning of True Blood come to life.


cjboffoli t1_ivgcx6p wrote

Lab grown vampire has entered the chat.


AmbitiousEmack t1_ivh3al9 wrote

Call it “True Blood” and the vampires can come out of hiding.


RKips t1_ivghkfw wrote

It's morbin' time


citytiger t1_ivgktir wrote

Wasn't something like this in Morbius? Amazing how something from fiction can often become reality. If only our Universe was Earth 616 and everything in the MCU was real.


MellifluousSussura t1_ivgtk1w wrote

Damn, this really puts a burner on my go-to alibi of being gay and giving blood /j


EETTOEZ t1_ivho9f3 wrote

This could be one of the biggest developments in common lab science. This is awesome!


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WhooshThereHeGoes t1_ivggcu1 wrote

Isn't this a plot vehicle in several vampire movies/stories?


timthefim t1_ivgm3fa wrote

It’s morbin time


Simply_Beige t1_ivgyut4 wrote

We finally have that blood alternative for vampires. One more horror monster thwarted.


CastInSteel t1_ivhg6r2 wrote

Might be the first lab grown blood but it isnt the first blood substitute in a clinical trial.


morbidi t1_ivhgifo wrote

That’s some true blood


sharksnut t1_ivhktkd wrote

I think I'd prefer Husky blood to Lab blood


Chest3 t1_ivhlqu3 wrote

This could be great for O type people because they are always gonna have a hard time finding blood that isn’t their own but they need. A, B and AB can and should go without this.


YurGramma t1_ivi26ff wrote


it’s morbin time


Weedes1984 t1_ivi4zfd wrote

Doctor: "How do you feel after 3 days?"

First recipient: "Thirsty." Proceeds to Morb.


IrishMojoFroYo t1_ivi6yp8 wrote

Would phlebotomy eventually cease as a practice?


martosaur t1_iviwwgf wrote

Camarilla is doing a great job here


GreedisgoodX t1_ivjcx1r wrote

this is a gamechanger if it works


Super_Crisis_64 t1_ivfxz97 wrote

This is how they got the skin to stay alive for the Terminators


coyo18 t1_ivgxjy0 wrote

Cruelty free sustainable blood for vampires on the horizon.


kira7setsuna t1_ivg8cho wrote

saints and sinners prepped me for this!

bring it zombies!


Rico133337 t1_ivgya6o wrote

So this is when the zombie outbreak began.


DP11117 t1_ivfgmgu wrote

What could possibly go wrong?


Rdizzlefohshizzle t1_ivfiqd1 wrote

I'm curious as to what you think are possible unforseen repercussions. Genuinely, what is your opinion?


Jarsky2 t1_ivg404d wrote

Something something zombies something something 28 days later


Yue2 t1_ivfgr53 wrote

You want to start a Resident Evil? This is how you start a Resident Evil.


Jarsky2 t1_ivg452z wrote

Ah yes, because blood grown from stemcells is going to miraculously change into the goddamn T-Virus.


BugsyHewitt t1_ivffd37 wrote

Please let there be zombies, please let there be zombies.