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Kinggambit90 t1_ivjot5j wrote

Kerala is pretty progressive. I guess it's more symbolic


ParkExciting9360 t1_ivkzzeg wrote

r/srilanka removed my crosspost today. Seems like that sub has few fragile muslim men from Sri Lanka.


Smashymen t1_ivm76b7 wrote

Muslims are such a tiny minority in Sri Lanka, I doubt there are many on that sub. The Buddhist weirdos are the real religious threat over there


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Smashymen t1_ivmajpw wrote

Ok and who was responsible for inciting all the ethic hatred towards Tamils over the course of the last 60 years and empowering a fascist government that just collapsed on itself this year?

Sorry but we're dealing with things in two different magnitudes


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Smashymen t1_ivmo6ko wrote

My point was that Buddhist extremism is the real religious problem in Sri Lanka. The Easter attacks just got a disproportionate amount of attention because Islamic terrorism is crack to the Western media.


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Mcguffn t1_ivk0z5c wrote

Dressing the way they want is progressive


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nain4567 t1_ivk9nnd wrote

A girl was killed for not taking hijab properly, I think we can safely assume she was forced and the ones who are doing it for solidarity obviously are also either forced to wear it or don't care enough to keep defending it. What's so hard about understanding it? Not every woman consented to forced hijab even during revolution. A woman could say one day "plz force me to wear hijab" and could still next day change her mind. Unless each and every woman of each iranian generation explicitly affirms everyday that they want laws so government teams come and force them to take hijab and harrass them, beat them, murder them for not taking it, they are being forced.


purplepenguin4163 t1_ivkf3lv wrote

Did you miss the last few months of news? Please educate yourself about what's occuring in the world right now. People are being shot in the streets and beaten to death to remove an archaic symbol of oppression.


heartless-tramp t1_ivol87g wrote

I know but that doesn't speak for everybody. Yes, some people are having this done to them and I'm sorry it's happening but it doesn't speak for everybody


purplepenguin4163 t1_ivs1921 wrote

It speaks for everybody in this specific conflict and context. Try to stay on topic


Aalnius t1_ivkxyix wrote

women are being raped and murdered for taking their hijab off in iran but are still protesting for the right to do so so yeh i think they want to take it off.


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heartless-tramp t1_ivkc9ka wrote

Would you say that to yourself?


bananalord666 t1_ivkicz0 wrote

The way you speak invites ridicule. You are choosing to support the upholding of a tyrannical system forced upon people who never chose to partake in that religion. They were unlucky enough to live in a country that began to implement the religious laws in their region and then their rights and means to move away were removed.

If someone wants to wear a hijab because they chose to partake in the religion, that is not an issue. These women and girls never chose this life. The people in the picture burning hijabs? They chose, of their own volition, to do so.

The fact that you appear to think otherwise either means you are uneducated, or malicious. It's fair for people to feel as if you would be willing to suck shiekh cock. Just like yo mama did.


Reality_Suit t1_ivl7b05 wrote

Absofuckinglutely, hey reality_suit Don't you have a sheikh's cum to slurp?


Brodman_area11 t1_ivl8klf wrote

I think we know what they want because they're shouting it from the rooftops. But you go on and whine about downvotes.


Throawayooo t1_ivli9ux wrote

Because they ... took it off and burned it?? Lmao


Reality_Suit t1_ivl6x4g wrote

Fuck religion, all of them. Religion stole the "why" from humanity. Religion only knows how to tell you that you are an evil failure of a human when you are not.


ihadtologinforthis t1_ivmm43i wrote

Honestly who cares of it was was an "educated" decision or not. It's a headcovering, whether a woman wears one or not shouldn't have any real impact in the world. The reason to wear a hijab in the first place is a ridiculous one anyway, if men have such trouble controlling themselves it should be they who should wear an eye covering, maybe cuff their hands too if y'all are so worried.

The only reason to put on head wear should be if you want to or need one as the weather dictates. Not because of religion.


awfullotofocelots t1_ivk8vnh wrote

Yeah the freedom to take off your hijab if you want is progressive. how is that hard to grok?


Fabacher t1_ivk69md wrote



heartless-tramp t1_ivk6ipl wrote

Expecting others to bow down to the US is also progressive

Don't forget the /s


explodingbunny t1_ivkcux0 wrote

Troll or just so anti USA that anything slightly related to anything that might involve the US, shut up ffs no one mentioned US till you


heartless-tramp t1_ivol3e6 wrote

I know, but what I meant to say is everybody is just expecting everyone else to be just like them and if they might be a little weaker/ different they might be treated differently as well which isn't right. They might also be expected to behave like "normal" people but that IS the normal for them. And what does that have to do with the subject? I'll answer you, nowadays most people I feel are atheists/Christians and they reject Islam as being the "wrong" religion and even say that not following its rules is being progressive. I honestly don't see that being said or done about any other religions and I don't think it's a coincidence either. What I do think is most people, when confronted with the truth aren't prepared to handle it and they just don't want to face it. I feel that this is true in life.


explodingbunny t1_ivooh1n wrote

The thing we are arguing for is to have a choice in whether or not you have to wear the hijab, funny enough since there aren't federally laws on a hijab in the US there are actually plenty of women who wear hijab out here

You don't see people rejecting Christian rules because you probably live in a majority Muslim country, people are trying to make laws in the United States based off the Bible and plenty of people do not want that, get out of your bubble


Kinggambit90 t1_ivk4dkf wrote

No, just that religious freedom in kerela is huge. It's a communist state mostly in terms of economy, and free in whatever you want to practice. It also has a huge Christian base, compared to other parts of India. I find that part of India very live and let live, compared to the rest. I'm conservatively Muslim and I like that, live and let live. Their burning of the hijab has nothing to do with Kerela.


trendz19 t1_ivl0fzz wrote

A few months ago there were pro-hijab chants from the very State. I know it because that made the news too. Anyway, I really hope forced hijabs can be done away with and women decide what they wanna wear…it’s the year 2022 for God’s sake!


otoko_no_hito t1_ivlovk3 wrote

The year doesn't change anything nor the century, we are in no way superior to our ancestors, we are only more knowledgeable, thus change can only happen if we will it into existence and as sad as this story is, it's actually a sign that people are changing.

The Muslim extremist reaction was inevitable not because of the religion itself but because of their philosophy that rejects the last 5 centuries of technological and humanitarian progress and while they managed to ignore it for a while because there was progress in the 60s and 70s eventually something had to give.

The current world news are what happens when the old tyrannical empires die, they lash, kill and eventually die themselves and for a while the world will be at peace, even if it is for a breif moment.

Edit. Typo


Small_Plant_8212 t1_ivmskz4 wrote

That’s not what happened at all. Iran was thriving until a 1950s coup was carried out by the US and Great Britain. Please, educate yourself and stop spreading misinformation.

Goodreads — All The Shah’s Men


otoko_no_hito t1_ivn6olo wrote

Well my comment it's just a short version of the story, but if you want the long version of it, yea the US and British coup did touple their regimes and replaced it with basically state repression and more suffering, but to say that in the 1950s Iran was thriving its a myth at best, the truth was that a minority was very rich while the vast majority of the population was poor, the US sort of tried to force an American democracy which failed spectacularly because they ignored local culture and failed to create inclusive institutions since they simply tried to adapt the previous ones.

Now taking a deeper look into the society itself the main reason I call the culture itself into question it's that western societies are arranged in such a way that they are pluralistic, by this I mean that the government leaders have very weak control over the population and by and large the population itself has a lot of control over the government, thus most people have a lot of incentives to actually innovate and create since no corrupt government official will come knocking at the door if their business becomes too profitable, in other words they do not have to worry about expropriation.

If you live in a country with a lot of state monopolies, this outcome its basically guaranteed because their leaders abhor change since it threatens their business and status quo that keeps them in power, the result being instability due to inequality and technological stagnation, the problem being that latter after the consolidation of their domestic monopolies they try to compete against the previously mentioned economic systems and they predictably get out competed with the sole exception of extraction of minerals, oil and farming.

And then it comes the internet and people start to have an in your face experience of just how poor they really are all the time and that leads to civil wars, revolutions and endless conflicts of people who want to be the king, thus eventually the most ruthless its the one who wins the race, but even that it's unstable as seen in current events.


Small_Plant_8212 t1_ivocw6a wrote

Western governments have very weak control over the population?🤣 Wow, its almost as if the war on drugs and forced sterilization of Native Americans never even happened. And I live in America — it is nothing but state monopolies. Its an oligarchy trying to pass itself off as a democracy.


Insterquiliniis t1_ivm0xrp wrote


that's just the one we are using for now.
we've been around for very very long, which just makes it worse....


if_its_not_baroque t1_ivk1x58 wrote

yes Kerala is more progressive and has the highest literacy rate but there still could be consequences for these women. If you are ever in that part of the world I still recommend a visit!


throwmeawaypoopy t1_ivknpel wrote

I spent a semester in Kerala during college, albeit ~20 years ago. Absolutely love Kerala and hope to take my own family there one day.

I think it's worth pointing out that "more progressive" in India is still pretty dang conservative and traditional by Western standards.


TheBestMePlausible t1_ivktdgk wrote

On the other hand, they have (or at least had) one of the only democratically elected communists governments in the world.


BrosefThomas t1_ivl0b7y wrote


Only in name. Oligopolistic in spirit.


ThePrussianGrippe t1_ivlb49i wrote

One could argue that describes basically any country from the last 100 years that went “Communist.”


Iceman_259 t1_ivldnej wrote

Seize the means of production ^^^and ^^^consolidate ^^^it ^^^into ^^^the ^^^ruling ^^^in-group


Citizen_of_RockRidge t1_ivl5z3q wrote

Went in 2012. One of the most joyous few days I have experienced anywhere. Beautiful place, beautiful people.


Unsd t1_ivk3tlv wrote

Okay see you say there could be consequences for these women, and then you say you recommend a visit. And see, as a woman, that's a pretty big no for me that women could face consequences for something so small. And as a person, it's still a big no for me because why would I spend money in a place like that?


if_its_not_baroque t1_ivk91m4 wrote

I understand your reaction! But I think someone’s family could punish them for this act no matter what nation they’re in. You could be in Denmark and face consequences for this from your hardline family. I’ve just been to Kerala myself and recommend it since it’s one of the most progressive states in India.


Environmental_Ad_387 t1_ivk5lvc wrote

Physical harm is not expected for these women.

But more like hostility or online harassment in the family and neighborhoods. Muslims are 40% of the population here. And maybe 30-40% of the women wear a hijab now.

Kerala is a well known tourist destination with a lot of foreigners and Indians visiting the state annually. Tourism is their biggest revenue stream.


Lost_Mix6782 t1_ivltfkp wrote

No different than the consequences for a Muslim woman here in the US by her family and Muslim community, India is a secular country and Islam is not the dominant religion. What’s your point?


if_its_not_baroque t1_ivo6mns wrote

I wouldn’t have made this comment if this article wasn’t posted in Uplifting News. I’m just unsure how truly uplifting it is. Have a nice rest of your day!


Desiman4u t1_ivjok92 wrote

I guess it’s sending a message but doesn’t make sense as hijab is not mandatory in Kerala or any other part of India.


BrosefThomas t1_ivjvb6p wrote

Legally sure. But if you are in a family or community that mandates it, it's pretty mandatory. And that exists in Kerala as well.

So I wouldn't call what they are doing symbolic.


Calligraphie t1_ivjzwej wrote

Politically symbolic but ideologically impactful, maybe?


Desiman4u t1_ivkbukx wrote

But if it’s a family issue, wouldn’t it make sense to do this at home for the members enforcing this upon you. I mean, if my family member enforces me to eat hotdog everyday, you wouldn’t see me burn a hotdog in middle of street. I’ll burn that mf in front of my family members to make a point.


Cethinn t1_ivkdq42 wrote

Why is there always someone in the comments saying someone is protesting wrong? How in the world would that be more impactful? It's not like their families can't see this, plus other families can as well.


Winjin t1_ivlzu1k wrote

There's always a lot of people protecting all the backwards things because they actually like them.


BrosefThomas t1_ivkg345 wrote

Well sure if your family is the only one forcing you to eat hotdogs. If there were thousands/millions of families forcing their kids to eat hotdogs, what then?

It's the point of protests like this to initiate conversation. So if a handful of the million families that do this, stop and think, that's a win.

Trust me when I say this. For me, all this hits home a lot more than you would know. Exposure to these ideas in public are important.


Desiman4u t1_ivkgh8a wrote

I agree, if you scale the scenario then protesting outside definitely makes sense. I take back what I said about protesting at home.


Environmental_Ad_387 t1_ivk51jt wrote

Practically mandatory for a lot of Muslim women in the state. Enforced by family, relatives, neighbors, and the social set up. There is online bullying as well.

Maybe 30-40% women wear a hijab now. It wasn't this way, and has happened over the last 30 years.

So this event is good and will have an impact and spread the message


Desiman4u t1_ivkfpsd wrote

if they are forced to wear one by community and stuff, then it’s wrong. It needs to be their decision, similar to whole abortion issue in US. By all means, come to the streets and protest, I am with them on that. Womens rights are a thing and they should be allowed to do whatever they want with their clothing and bodies.


awfullotofocelots t1_ivk9al3 wrote

Is there anywhere in India where people who don't want to wear a hijab might feel uncomfortable removing it in public?

Mandated laws are not the only form of this chauvinism. Reinforced family and community pressure is enough to restrict people's freedom of choice.

People downvoting without replying: I will assume that means these places exist and your downvotes indicate your embarrassment.


frealfr t1_ivjotli wrote

I hope nobody gets harmed.


Gomicho t1_ivkfall wrote

With how things are escalating, it'll be difficult. They've probably anticipated it though.

I hope they're able to get actual reform through all the bloodshed. Enough meaningless anarchy.


AngryAxolotl t1_ivjsg4u wrote

For a second I thought it said Karachi, which would be more noteworthy. No one is going to be seriously threatened for hijab burning in Kerala.


ssuasw t1_ivk1g3p wrote

Kerala has a very conservative side to it. Those women are risking quite a lot.


under_the_c t1_ivl5qr8 wrote

In this thread: people that don't know what "in solidarity" means...


glowingeyeshere t1_ivlfm9x wrote

Actually it's a wrong news, those women are part of some atheist community. They are ex-Muslims.


Throawayooo t1_ivliscq wrote

Being a public facing ex muslim is brave enough, given Islam's stance on apostasy.


Latter_Guest4236 t1_ivloooo wrote

to think, just 2 years ago Reddit was full of pro hijab posts


xenomorph856 t1_ivm89qr wrote

Context matters. I don't think Reddit at large has ever supported mandatory and the theocratic oppression of what women can wear. But a woman can also decide to wear what she wants, religiously motivated or not. Islamophobia is not cool, and neither is systemic oppression.


Latter_Guest4236 t1_ivm8t64 wrote

Only meant you could find a lot of Reddit posts supporting hijabs.

It was about freedom of choice then and its about freedom of choice now.

The issue for supporting hijabs is whether women truly have a choice. Unfortunately hijab supporters are not all on board with that.


Visual_Ad_3840 t1_ixqto8g wrote

People don't consider that the CHOICE itself is what is sexist. WHY is it even a thing to start with? Because it comes from a time when women were PROPERTY of men around the Babylonian days. Islam just perpetuated it further, and in 2022, around 4,00 years after the headscarf was first introduced, it time to just rid of this stupid, childish, inhumane, and outdated behavior.


S-Vagus t1_ivkzny7 wrote

The fact that there is no such thing as a consistent recourse of due process for any religion is why it is just a circus and casino and hotel all in one.


BmuthafuckinMagic t1_ivlkhn2 wrote

Muslim women should have a choice, but it does remind me of a funny story.

My Mum to my Grandad when she was 13 growing up in Pakistan: I don't want to wear this hijab anymore, it's too hot and uncomfortable.

Grandad: What?!! I thought you wore it because you wanted to?

Mum: I used to, not anymore.

Grandad: OK

Mum: OK

It didn't change my mother's commitment to her faith though. I think a lot of the western world thinks women who don't want to wear the hijab also don't want to be Muslim, so seem to be going into overdrive to support them.


kaptaincorn t1_ivjtlcz wrote

Kerala is the 21st largest Indian state by area


13Lilacs t1_ivl8erw wrote

This is what courage looks like.


greenmeensgo60 t1_ivlj58e wrote

We need a tough woman running this country it's way overdue .


LoveBeansandHope t1_ivlq293 wrote

This information is false, as Muslim women would definitely not burn the hijab.


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BackwardPalindrome t1_ivl7f2b wrote

But not even 5 years ago I was being told the Hijab and Niqab were symbols of power for women. Seriously. Was I being lied to?


BravesMaedchen t1_ivm1q7u wrote

It depends on who you ask. Which is why freedom means giving women the true choice to make themselves.


newbsd t1_ivlr2bn wrote

Are they still alive?


notconvinced3 t1_ivm51ib wrote

This reform is not getting nearly enough press and it makes me insanely angry. This is a huge protest/rebellion going on, and I hear how Twitter is going to cost $8 instead, or teachers are putting litterboxes in schools. Like. If its not super controversial, and its a great, positive story, dont talk about it? Too boring? Not enough clicks?


HasibUrRehman t1_ivmxmxa wrote

Typical high-caste Brahminical propaganda.


Impressive_Poet6454 t1_ivnqr9d wrote

there is no diffrance between hijab and slave chain

chain doesn't harm you by itself but its first step to make you obey your master(male)


guyinnoho t1_ivm74ds wrote

Burn baby burn --- DISCO INFERNO


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GalaXion24 t1_ivkol15 wrote

My dude communities in France manage to force women to wear hijabs. Literally everywhere else they can only be more forced to.


outsideyourbox4once t1_ivkcukk wrote

They're all so beautiful... wait what's happening..I can't contr... Nah that's right I got taught not to objectify women and isn't a little boy who can't control myself


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