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heartless-tramp t1_ivk6ipl wrote

Expecting others to bow down to the US is also progressive

Don't forget the /s


explodingbunny t1_ivkcux0 wrote

Troll or just so anti USA that anything slightly related to anything that might involve the US, shut up ffs no one mentioned US till you


heartless-tramp t1_ivol3e6 wrote

I know, but what I meant to say is everybody is just expecting everyone else to be just like them and if they might be a little weaker/ different they might be treated differently as well which isn't right. They might also be expected to behave like "normal" people but that IS the normal for them. And what does that have to do with the subject? I'll answer you, nowadays most people I feel are atheists/Christians and they reject Islam as being the "wrong" religion and even say that not following its rules is being progressive. I honestly don't see that being said or done about any other religions and I don't think it's a coincidence either. What I do think is most people, when confronted with the truth aren't prepared to handle it and they just don't want to face it. I feel that this is true in life.


explodingbunny t1_ivooh1n wrote

The thing we are arguing for is to have a choice in whether or not you have to wear the hijab, funny enough since there aren't federally laws on a hijab in the US there are actually plenty of women who wear hijab out here

You don't see people rejecting Christian rules because you probably live in a majority Muslim country, people are trying to make laws in the United States based off the Bible and plenty of people do not want that, get out of your bubble