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felipe_the_dog t1_ivwd6g2 wrote

Do they have good produce at Aldi? Because I was just thinking today that my local Stop & Shop may have the worst produce on earth.


RedonkulusHomunculus t1_ivwgvdy wrote

It depends on how much the manager(s) give a shit about handling it properly, but by and large, yes.


Vonterribad t1_ivws4gz wrote

I love Aldi, my wife converted me. The produce is one of their weaker aspects, but it might depend on country as well.


ChesapeakeWaters t1_ivwuxc8 wrote

Aldi is awesome but their produce is horrible at least for the 2 nearest to me.


MakesMyHeadHurt t1_ivwnx5y wrote

Most things are actually pretty good at ours. They just don't have as many products to choose from.


will4623 t1_ivwp0z1 wrote

Aka you aren't lost for half an hour looking for diapers.


two_hours_east t1_ivwwunf wrote

My Aldi has consistently good produce. Certain things like strawberries and cucumbers seem to spoil quickly, but that seems to be true of other store's produce too. Lately I've found the overall quality of produce to be lacking across multiple grocery chains tho. I'm assuming supply chain issues.

The bigger issue with Aldi's produce is that you usually can't buy just one lemon or something because they're sold in bags. So you aren't getting to handpick and you might have to buy more than you will use. I've just started freezing my extra lemons and repackaging certain items into glass containers when I put groceries away.


awfulOz t1_ivx3sq3 wrote

Around me anyway the produce used to suck, now not so much. The prices are fantastic, but the quality isn’t quite amazing. Some things are still great though.