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Lucavious t1_iw1fk92 wrote

Some are, sure. But my state does not have those laws and most of the job postings I see have them so it’s clearly having a positive impact.


TheChef44 t1_iw1frzf wrote

That’s good to hear. I just can’t stand seeing salary ranges from 80k-210k


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_iw2i7xo wrote

As a side note. That literally is the range of my position. I may come in at 130 with 10 years experienc. But the new guy will get 80k. However my senior peers with 20 years of experience will land closer to 200k. Also depends on degree. But that is an accurate range for a senior specialst.


Forgot-My-Name_again t1_iw2llre wrote

Same in my field. We are offering a guy 85 right out of school next week, I make near 150, and our top specialist makes about 180. It's a technical field where experience matters.


Willingo t1_iw3asdb wrote

Seems like there should be at least one other title then


zypr3xa t1_iw1porj wrote

Thats how it goes in Colorado now.


MrGizthewiz t1_iw2v6nb wrote

Either that or they just add in the job description they aren't hiring people in Colorado.


Gnawlydog t1_iw2kqc5 wrote

Why? You ignore the 210K.. I see that and I see salary 80K so when I see another company with a salary range of 100-150K I know to avoid the first one. ALWAYS ignore the 2nd number.


rugbysecondrow t1_iw2areu wrote

Many companies have listed salary ranges for decades, well before this law.


TheChef44 t1_iw2i2vg wrote

Missing the point


rugbysecondrow t1_iw2nltn wrote

"so it’s clearly having a positive impact."

somebody doesn't understand correlation vs causation...that is the real missing point.