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Orwellian__Nightmare t1_iw2bjrk wrote

its also dumb because it just limits what you could potentially get paid, granted you have the experience. many jobs would love to list 70-80k range when before most new employees could negotiate 90k.

people forget what you get paid at your job is an agreement between you and your job.


VietOne t1_iw2x43u wrote

People also forget that your job description is your job contract and you shouldn't work any more than you have to.

But somehow employers are claiming that's quiet quitting.


crazyboy1234 t1_iw2f7ad wrote

Seems like a very large amount of workers accept up front that they aren’t smart enough to out earn others so they try to standardize and make legal artificial standardization in the work place. I think this is an example but it’s stupid to anyone who’s learned how to negotiate / understands value of labor