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Master_Winchester t1_iw2frhv wrote

Report that shit! There's language in the law that the salaries posted need to be in good faith. NYC lawmakers aren't trawling the Internet for bad job posts. The only way they find them is if people report them.


fryseyes t1_iw31psg wrote

NPR reported Citi banking had one a 0-2,000,000. Don’t think anything has been done about that.


railbeast t1_iw48bdt wrote

Where is this job, let me apply. I'll waste their fucking time at the interview level.

Or get a job that pays 2 million a year.


ElevatortotheGallows t1_iw3fajj wrote

Report them to whom? LinkedIn does not seem to have a report for this last time I checked and when I sent a support request asking how to report a job that does not comply with NYC law they basically ignored it.


Master_Winchester t1_iw3qyeb wrote

I have these two comments saved from other users: "Don't just submit tips on the website. File actual complaints to force the agency to respond to them. This link explains how to file complaints, to whom, where, when, how, etc."


Report violations here:

Violations include salary not appearing on any job posting open to NYC residents, whether in person or remote. Includes perm and contract. Includes new hires and promotions/transfers. "