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CeolSilver t1_iw2id39 wrote

Outside of sales very few jobs would have formal defined OTEs

If anybody in my industry started saying I need to be sitting certain business targets to get my full salary they’d be laughed out of every job interview.


narwhal13 t1_iw2pxvh wrote

Working for a division of a fortune 500 and our bonus are tied to OTE/DNE. Which was a large part of the salary according to the interview, bonuses drop 90%+ 2 years ago. Grossing 2k-3k a quarter bonus is now an annual net about $500 (taxes).

On top of that, they have shrunk the workforce by 25% over those 2 years to save money. Heard our building went from 300+ to around 130 people over last 10 years and we are hitting record sales numbers but not enough for bonuses.