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IliveinaMovie t1_iw2lcjz wrote

My boss and colleagues have been trying to get me to take a promotion- which I haven’t really been interested. But lately I’ve been asking more questions about it, including what the pay range is, and was told there ISN’T a range. The pay fluctuates depending on the applicant, experience, etc. I’m confused, that’s what a RANGE is?? I’ve never heard of a position NOT having a pay range. Anyone else?


TheSpanxxx t1_iw2ngr5 wrote

How big is the company?

If they have an HR team of any size, then there is a range.

There is always a range though. It may just be 0 to a billion..

More importantly for you though is don't ask them what the rate is, know it. Go look for yourself and do research. Know the value of the role you are applying for and the value of your skills. It gives you the confidence to negotiate for a fair wage.


IliveinaMovie t1_iw2tvre wrote

I appreciate it! You’re right, I need to do my own research. It’s a very large international company, which makes it even more fishy. They also said there’s zero negotiating on pay…. You get your offer and either take it or leave it.


justsomeplainmeadows t1_iw30erg wrote

That's BS. There's always room for negotiation when it comes to promotions.


Slowknots t1_iw35tn2 wrote

Ummm no. They can move on the next candidate.


findingmike t1_iw3fqnr wrote

It's also possible that they would try to shift those responsibilities onto her and do without the new position. This has happened to me a few times.


time_to_reset t1_iw4po8y wrote

That's why it's called negotiation? They may have someone else and use that as leverage to offer less. Similarly, you might have another job offer and use that as leverage to negotiate more.


justsomeplainmeadows t1_iw5qtdu wrote

And that's their move. But they risk losing a supposedly good employee to someone who is willing to pay more. What I'm basically saying is that having a non-negotiable term on compensation is bad practice if you wanna keep good employees


Slowknots t1_iw6zodk wrote

Everywhere I have worked - from private companies to - fortune 100 company practices putting thier best offer 1st. It’s the only one that will be given. There have been rare exceptions when someone had a special technical skill. Good HR and management teams know what competitive competition is. It’s j their best interest to offer it 1st.

Negotiations don’t help the companies. Showing they will stick to their original offer is in their best interests. People can be replaced unless the are a special butterfly.


manowtf t1_iw3315n wrote

There's no loss to you if you go for it and are offered the position. If you don't like the pay, then say thanks but no.


mekareami t1_iw467cg wrote

My large international company just broke profit records and decided that 90% of the company deserved no raise and the ones that got one got 3%

Here is hoping next year we break record for quickest downturn of profitability. They turned willing workers interested in company success into bitter people looking busy while they job search. The only joy at have at work these days is processing the quits, everyone of them fill my heart with joy knowing it will take 8 months minimum to replace them because giant companies move slow on hiring process.


[deleted] t1_iw3omh8 wrote

That is still negotiating, just shitty negotiating.


ibidanon t1_iw5pfw6 wrote

[gasp] OMG don't ever do your own research!!! [/s]


tellme_areyoufree t1_iw37yot wrote

Sometimes there are set pay schedules. For example, I'm a physician. Physicians in X specialty at my clinic start at a salary, physicians in Y specialty start at a slightly different salary. There is no negotiation. That is the salary offered. It increases with each year at the organization. Everyone has the same access to other ways to increase salary (like taking after hours calls nets everybody the same bonus).

Maybe ask if that's their setup. A pay schedule that's predetermined. You might mean to ask the range of possible salaries depending on factors like experience, and they may misinterpret your question to mean a negotiable range in which your personal salary might fall.


kit630 t1_iw3qubx wrote

They basically said "No, it's not a range. It's unlimited." Ask for something exorbitant 🤘😎


Bankzzz t1_iw3y9dh wrote

Throw an absurd number out there like $400,000/yr. I bet they’ll suddenly remember what the range is.


Boateys t1_iw42mfm wrote

Rephrase. Ask them what their budget is for the position. They may not have a “range”, but no matter who is in charge of the salary ceiling, they have a budget they can’t go over.


TheFreakish t1_iw2ulw8 wrote

Sounds sketchy. Do you not fit in by chance? Are they maybe just trying to get rid of you?


IliveinaMovie t1_iw2v92i wrote

Not at all. I’ve worked there for 3 years and probably in the top 3 performers in my current position. It’s a company based in France, and I’m in the USA. I have a feeling they might just be low-balling employee pay and they don’t want people talking about it.


Pixielo t1_iw4jixo wrote

If the offered salary isn't enough, ask for more PTO, or other benefit that you like.