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LippySteve t1_iw2o26n wrote

I just went to an interview for an ad that quoted it paid $21 - $27 based on experience. I have tons of experience and was told it's actually $21 no matter what, lol.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_iw2vk7q wrote

They are lying to you. Every company does this. You are worth more. Keep going. :)


DoomBot5 t1_iw2w4y4 wrote

His whole point was that there was no salary range. Experience didn't matter.


HackTheSystem-90 t1_iw39dnr wrote

What companies do to circumvent this is they advertise $21-27, but $27 is only “for experience within the company” i.e. “we can pay you for your experience up to $27 if you stick around long enough”.

Companies that do this need to be penalized.


WORKING2WORK t1_iw3jfnh wrote

If you get a 3.5% raise each year for 8 years (staying in this position), you'll hit the max of $27. Unfortunately, due to hopefully only moderate inflation, you will have effectively received no raise at all. It's possible that if inflation outpaces your yearly raise, you are taking a pay cut.

If that range never increases after those 8 years, the company is extra screwing everyone they fill into that position going forward.

If you stick to the same job without moving up to a higher job title in those 8 years, you're either unambitious, not a strong performer, or the company doesn't think you are a strong performer. There are other factors which may prevent you from moving up, but those are the basic ones.

You may even enjoy the job enough to not see a reason to change things, which is perfectly fine, though keep in mind getting too comfortable at a company where you've maxed out your potential earnings means you will effectively start losing money due to inflation.

Finally, this is all assuming the company even gives out yearly raises. If you're working for a company that waits for you to beg or demand a raise, especially if they deny any sizable raise which would compensate for inflation, they're grifting you hard and you need to seek employment elsewhere.


HackTheSystem-90 t1_iw3kw3g wrote

This is where I’m at now buddy, the job posting for my role is actually now $880 more than what I’m making after 3 years. I’d literally make more money if I quit and reapplied for my role


MnkyBzns t1_iw3zsxp wrote're applying elsewhere, right?


HackTheSystem-90 t1_iw4fn0i wrote

Oh yeah, been saving up to leave this job, I hate my field and hopefully by next year I’ll be out!


LippySteve t1_iw45ien wrote

That's why I'm leaving my current employer actually. They gave me a raise to less than my peer they just hired is making. We literally work in the same role and both have the same background and abilities.


The_Original_Miser t1_iw2zyqk wrote

I want to say "report them" ?

At first glance that smells like fraud?


LippySteve t1_iw30pzq wrote

Report them for what? They technically offered within their posted salary range.

This is just how companies will side-step regulations requiring they post a salary range. Always assume the pay is the bottom number and be prepared to be told about some "potential earned incentive" opportunities when you fight it.


Genericwood t1_iw38ldf wrote

Skip that job and go to the next one lol. They're ganna definitely have a bunch of people not taking it and then bump their standards to half way $23-$24. Unless someone desperately needs that job. I've seen a job I applied for raise their salary range after a few months because no nobody wanted that job.


WoodenPicklePoo t1_iw3buo2 wrote

Really? My first thought is that this person clearly doesn’t have the relevant experience they’re claiming to have


The_Original_Miser t1_iw3faf6 wrote

$21 no matter what implies to me that the company is complying with the law in writing only.

Now. If person above said "for you based on your experience we will pay $21" well, that's a different matter entirely.


LippySteve t1_iw46768 wrote

They were asking for 2-3 years of relevant experience in about 3 areas. I have between 6-8 years in every area and according to their own words killed the interview.

I was everything they were hoping to find and more according to the manager that offered me the job. Unfortunately they're budgeting $21 per hour for this role with incentive opportunities and a benefits package, lol.

It's alright, I'm going back to college next fall and I found a job willing to pay me the $26-$27 range I'm worth until then.


WoodenPicklePoo t1_iw4a4rx wrote

So the person who hires you is always going to say that.

Best of luck going back to school. I was in your shoes and went back to grad school as an adult and am much happier now