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enragedcactus t1_iw2qgdx wrote

It seems to me that it’s Colorado’s law that’s having a ripple effect across the country as other places start to copy it.

But it’s NYC so it’s the one making news a year later of course.


hardolaf t1_iw324o9 wrote

A law in NYC affects a lot more people than a law in Colorado though as also every major corporation and finance firm has a location in NYC while most don't have any in Colorado.


enragedcactus t1_iw33sdw wrote

Right. And who did they look to for inspiration for the law? Maybe the only state with the law in place?

This is like saying that Colorado legalizing weed didn’t have much of an impact and it was NY legalizing that actually changed things.


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enragedcactus t1_iw4ujoj wrote

You’re changing what I was saying and you’re right about what you’re saying.

I said Colorado started the ripple effect, not NY. My proof is that NY and CA passed laws a year AFTER Colorado passed theirs and saw success. There is no doubt that NYC’s will have a larger effect.

Since an enormous amount of writers live in Brooklyn there tends to be a bias in media with regards to the amount of focus NY gets and the center of the country often gets ignored.


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enragedcactus t1_iw4va6h wrote

Who started the ripple effect? Was it the place that passed the law first and already cause tons of global and national companies to start posting salary ranges starting a year ago? Or the places that just copied it?

For example the S&P 500 company I work for operates in like 20 states and in a couple other countries. Because of the Colorado law we post ranges in all those places now. It wasn’t the NY law that caused that.