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Cant_Do_This12 t1_iw2w7lr wrote

Pay transparency is a terrible idea that will actually reduce salaries in the long run. I don’t understand why you people have such a difficult time thinking ahead or how this will negatively effect people. Also, how do you expect people with experience moving to a different company to negotiate their salaries now? This is going to effect those people as well. Such a stupid idea.


gagreel t1_iw2yqa9 wrote

What is your idea to make things better?


VietOne t1_iw2xhaj wrote

Way better than before, it makes it far easier to get paid more as you can filter out any jobs that isn't a pay raise and only apply for jobs that would actually pay more.

If a job isn't willing to post publicly that they would pay you more than a previous company, you wouldn't be able to negotiate a pay increase anyway.