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AirlinePeanuts t1_iw30a8x wrote

It might help some, but I can tell you we've had this in Colorado for several years now and companies do one of the following: List the job with no salary range, list the job with a ridiculously large salary range, list the job as available anywhere except Colorado if its a remote job.


WYWYW t1_iw3n4vt wrote

The more states implement a law like this, the higher the pressure on companies to include a somewhat reasonable estimate. Unless, of course, they want to miss out on a significant portion of the American workforce. It will take time, but ultimately these laws will benefit job seekers.


Bgrngod t1_iw49y8z wrote

Sometimes this is a technical thing where they have one listing for CO and another listing for everywhere else.

Even if they wanted to post the pay ranges for everywhere else, they might not be the same as those in CO, so CO gets an isolated posting.