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Slowknots t1_iw35tn2 wrote


findingmike t1_iw3fqnr wrote

It's also possible that they would try to shift those responsibilities onto her and do without the new position. This has happened to me a few times.


time_to_reset t1_iw4po8y wrote

That's why it's called negotiation? They may have someone else and use that as leverage to offer less. Similarly, you might have another job offer and use that as leverage to negotiate more.


justsomeplainmeadows t1_iw5qtdu wrote

And that's their move. But they risk losing a supposedly good employee to someone who is willing to pay more. What I'm basically saying is that having a non-negotiable term on compensation is bad practice if you wanna keep good employees


Slowknots t1_iw6zodk wrote

Everywhere I have worked - from private companies to - fortune 100 company practices putting thier best offer 1st. It’s the only one that will be given. There have been rare exceptions when someone had a special technical skill. Good HR and management teams know what competitive competition is. It’s j their best interest to offer it 1st.

Negotiations don’t help the companies. Showing they will stick to their original offer is in their best interests. People can be replaced unless the are a special butterfly.