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M3Core t1_iw3euwc wrote

I've been proud to be able to vote on a lot of those progressive movements!

Pretty hilarious about the wine in grocery stores. I don't really understand why that didn't pass, but I'm not bothered either.

Another very underrated CO prop this year was for all future tax adjustment propositions to include tax bracket information so everyone can figure out exactly how much these propositions will cost them in real dollar amounts.

Wonderful transparency!

/end of Colorado fanboy hype


MrGabr t1_iw3j7uh wrote

There wasn't really a reason to vote against wine in grocery stores other than to stick it to DoorDash, Instacart, Krogers, Safeway, Target, and Whole Foods


taicrunch t1_iw4275p wrote

I'm not from here, just happened to be here for work for election day. The ads I saw about it mentioned liquor stores' limits on licenses whereas grocery stores would potentially get unlimited licenses. Which is still far better than Southern states that are still fighting it based on religious and moral reasons.


pspahn t1_iw5dzmq wrote

We do still have some puritan shit in Colorado regarding booze. Namely that you can't sell it on Christmas.