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LippySteve t1_iw46768 wrote

They were asking for 2-3 years of relevant experience in about 3 areas. I have between 6-8 years in every area and according to their own words killed the interview.

I was everything they were hoping to find and more according to the manager that offered me the job. Unfortunately they're budgeting $21 per hour for this role with incentive opportunities and a benefits package, lol.

It's alright, I'm going back to college next fall and I found a job willing to pay me the $26-$27 range I'm worth until then.


WoodenPicklePoo t1_iw4a4rx wrote

So the person who hires you is always going to say that.

Best of luck going back to school. I was in your shoes and went back to grad school as an adult and am much happier now