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MobiusCube t1_iw5m0w6 wrote

Current job and future job are two entirely different jobs. I'm referring to why employees are forced to disclose what they're willing to offer for the role, but applicants aren't forced to disclose what pay they're willing to accept for the role they're applying for.


enragedcactus t1_iw7ribv wrote

As an applicant and an employer you’re wasting your time if you don’t find out the other’s comp range early on in the application process. If you’re working with a recruiter that’s absolutely something they ask and will ensure that roles they bring you will pay what you’re asking.

By definition now if an applicant is applying for a role somewhere like Colorado the employer knows they will accept something in the range.

Also as an applicant you should be smart enough to know that it’s unlikely to enter anywhere higher than about 75% of the provided comp range. Companies need to be able to give you raises within the role’s wage band and you don’t want to be maxing out without the ability to get future raises immediately or soon after you’re hired.


MobiusCube t1_iw7ulkj wrote

Your argument only proves that regulating this disclosure is mostly useless.