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DigitalSteven1 t1_iw3w4oj wrote

Ok, UK, your turn.


dingodoyle OP t1_iw4o9fo wrote

The US didn’t steal these things, it was some Indian dude who trafficked them. The US did the prosecuting and returning.


vingeran t1_iw5upyw wrote

An Indian dude taking Pakistani things to the states. That’s badass stupid.


Talonsminty t1_iw5h9f0 wrote

Oh well golly gee old chum look at the time. Must dash got tickets to the cricket. Cheerio!


Darth_Bfheidir t1_iw4iyhy wrote

Wow, it's rare that you have the US being the unequivocal good guys, good job!


cjboffoli t1_iw74b5l wrote

The US government can always be relied upon to do the right thing. After they have exhausted every other possibility.


Thugluvdoc t1_iw7en25 wrote

England is hiding in the bushes right now


NoWayNotThisAgain t1_iw47yht wrote

They’ll be set as soon as they rebuild their washed away museums.


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edblardo t1_iw5ttgq wrote

But I thought we Americans were all bad?


Evil-Cartographer t1_iw6dr27 wrote

Just when Americans go around and kill half a million civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan after slaughtering millions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Or toppling democracies in Latin America to install right wing dictators.

All to open them up for exploitation by US corporations.


RLoge85 t1_iw73zk3 wrote

The people support the politicians that allow this to go on actually might be quite shitty though.


Evil-Cartographer t1_iw8woj4 wrote

My point exactly. And then half started foaming at the mouth with racism when the possibility that some from the countries we destroyed could become refugees here. Like who do you think made them refugees?


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rattpackfan301 t1_iw66pyq wrote

Yes, because the United States stole womens rights from Pakistan.


Vroomped t1_iw43pgk wrote

Just like to U.S to do the right things eventually, but by this point Grandma has a family here.


_Iro_ t1_iw5ob8k wrote

It was a criminal art dealer who stole the artifacts, not the US. The US didn’t even know he had the artifacts until they arrested him.


Imaginary-Redditor t1_iw3ui68 wrote

Country returns another countries treasures that they should have never of stolen in the first place.


PM_ME_UR_POOP_GIRL t1_iw40qj8 wrote

Hurr durr, America bad! Oh, wait, let's try actually reading the article...

>187 were seized pursuant to the Office’s investigation into SUBHASH KAPOOR, while the remaining were recovered pursuant to other ongoing criminal investigations.

>(...)the Office indicted KAPOOR and his seven co-defendants for their conspiracy to traffic stolen antiquities.


x925 t1_iw4cy6w wrote

Why read the article when I can just read the headline and make uninformed opinions.


Loggerdon t1_iw50lqo wrote

What's that George Clooney movie "The Monuments Men"? In WW2 they saved 5 million pieces of art that had been stolen by Nazis.

"Many were the product of looting by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Others had been legitimately evacuated from museums for safekeeping. Monuments Men oversaw the safeguarding, cataloguing, removal and packing of all works from all these repositories."

They had to make up all the procedures because no army had ever thought of saving cultural property in this way before.