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VanceXentan t1_iw5qawx wrote

Dudes a king. So many shelters need stuff.


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fakeprewarbook t1_iw6mqgq wrote

oh, i have a feeling they randomly insert their niche hobby onto posts that have nothing to do with it all the time


johnnymarsbar t1_iw6nq8n wrote

I mean it's how you find other niche goblins, I see people posting 'I think you should leave now' references all over reddit even though there's a very slim chance anyone will know what the fuck they're talking about.


TheDakestTimeline t1_iw6234b wrote

I read that and am now even more confused


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otterfish t1_iw68ixc wrote

Username definitely checks out. Sorry to hear about Dekker.


mechwarrior719 t1_iw692ts wrote

I warned him Spiders don’t make good melee mechs, especially when you’re only at 3 piloting and guts, but that’s life as a merc I guess.

On the bright side, I don’t have to pay him anymore.


BackwardPalindrome t1_iw6k3d5 wrote

Donated self-care items to the shelters workers. Still incredible work and a really beautiful thing to do, but it was for the people, not the animals.

Bless those cute puppers and kitters and any other animals though, too.