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King_Saline_IV t1_iw5u970 wrote

Why? Is there a reason people with a full time job need donations?


ecliptic10 t1_iw5ukm6 wrote

"One San Francisco native has the goal of completing 30 acts of kindness before his 30th birthday, and he just completed his third on Wednesday.

Bryan Tsiliacos individually packaged 118 care boxes and hand-delivered them to animal shelter workers. His first stop of the day was the San Francisco SPCA. “Nothing like this has happened in the four years that I’ve been here so it is really nice to see,” said Riley Smith, SFSPCA Animal Trainer.

This was one of the thirty acts of kindness for essential workers that he plans on completing before turning 30 years old in February. “This was our biggest one yet,” said Tsiliacos."


bitterdick t1_iw63hpb wrote

Many shelter workers are volunteers.


ButtcrackBeignets t1_iw6aswz wrote


I’ve volunteered at multiple shelters and there’s a world of difference between the volunteers and the workers.


kelsobjammin t1_iw5wnwb wrote

I think /r/sanfrancisco would love to know about this!


thegreatcanadianeh t1_iw5xwrg wrote

Is there a reason that someone needs to make someones day/week/month a little brighter after the shit storm that the last 2 years have been? I really hope you are not serious otherwise you are missing the point.


TheCrazedTank t1_iw5z0m4 wrote

One of the rules of this sub is that you can't point out how an "uplifting" story is anything but, and is actually a sign of the dystopia state of society.

I think OP is trying to say something without actually saying something.


thegreatcanadianeh t1_iw5zlid wrote

I dont see that rule anywhere, nor do I see the comments really reflecting what you are stating.


TheCrazedTank t1_iw60cgg wrote

Reread "Rule #1" it is vague enough that posts have been removed for this very reason.


penatbater t1_iw5zxtg wrote

I don't think they need donations. But vets or people who work with animals suffer from such bouts of depression and trauma that vets disproportionately fall to suicide more than the general population (1 in 6 vets in the US have contemplated suicide, and are between 1.6 to 2.4 times more likely to commit suicide than the Gen pop). Which makes sense considering the nature of their job. So it's probably sth to show appreciation and support for the vets.


DemonicGenetics t1_iw5ujs3 wrote

It's multiple shelters , most are underfunded and understaffed, every little bit helps.


cryingeyes t1_iw5vagy wrote

Lol 😂 get it … cuz capitalism is a joke