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thegreatcanadianeh t1_iw5xwrg wrote

Is there a reason that someone needs to make someones day/week/month a little brighter after the shit storm that the last 2 years have been? I really hope you are not serious otherwise you are missing the point.


TheCrazedTank t1_iw5z0m4 wrote

One of the rules of this sub is that you can't point out how an "uplifting" story is anything but, and is actually a sign of the dystopia state of society.

I think OP is trying to say something without actually saying something.


thegreatcanadianeh t1_iw5zlid wrote

I dont see that rule anywhere, nor do I see the comments really reflecting what you are stating.


TheCrazedTank t1_iw60cgg wrote

Reread "Rule #1" it is vague enough that posts have been removed for this very reason.