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moose_tassels t1_iw6mjnr wrote

Me too. Two years as a vet tech in the south where cruelty was so often the solution and....nope.


akiomaster t1_iw7j930 wrote

Someone dropped two dogs off to our shelter saying if we didn't take them, he was was going to treat their mange with oil. My naive ass thought he meant olive oil, because it would never occurred to me that someone would actually "treat" mange with motor oil . Disgusting.


iWillNeverReplyToYou t1_iw7sjob wrote

>... in the south where cruelty was so often the solution...

Well that explains why they vote for Republicans


Butlerian_Jihadi t1_iw8j03e wrote

I believe both are explained by an essential lack of respect for life in favor of their perception of how others view them.

It is awful and we need to stop them.


sswarren t1_iw7rz7s wrote

I was a vet tech at ft Riley during a large deployment and all the animals that were left by spouses leaving. And a couple of pretty bad cases of neglect (one dog had an embedded collar). My worst dreams are of animals coming back for revenge for euthanizing them.


moose_tassels t1_iw7x59o wrote

That's so heartbreaking. Why do people have to be so awful?