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DarthNihilus_501st t1_iw6uez9 wrote

You have to picture the eye-squinting, hand movements (that little pinch that he does), and the vertical up and down movement of that cat asshole of a mouth he has to really nail it as a Trump tweet lmao.


Knobbenschmidt t1_iwbatw2 wrote

Come on guys hate on people somewhere else. This is about a guy doing good in the world for other human beings. Your entitled to your opinions and feelings but this isn't the place. Nobody wants to hear about THAT guy wherever they go. Just remove him from the collective consciousness and positivity will increase. We need more people like this article guy in the world. This is only the third good thing he is doing out of 30 on a timeline that ends in February. Its so rare to see people doing selfless and good things for others anymore. I am sure there is some of it happening out there especially around the holidays but its always the negative that gets all the press. Or politics blech. They should limit that stuff to the 2 months coming up to an election. I hope people see this article and it inspires them to do something good. It doesn't have to be for a whole bunch of folks. Even doing something kind for a single person has merit in this world. May you all have a blessed and wonderful holiday season.