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SilverNicktail t1_iwdjq2y wrote

A lot of people see the post-pandemic worker strikes and reinvigorated worker movement as chaotic and problematic. I see it as both inevitable and utterly necessary.

Go get 'em!


KonaKathie t1_iwebc0c wrote

Does anyone else find it super weird that they're in the UAW? United Auto Workers???


Mexibruin t1_iwfbehc wrote

Not necessarily. Fledgling unions often look for support from older, established unions when they form up. Typically, something somewhat related. So yeah, not a lot of similarity between teachers and factory workers. But, I can't imagine there is an existing union that would fit the bill.


TheNextBattalion t1_iwfmeh5 wrote

Yep. When I was in grad school my union was part of the UAW umbrella. They were super helpful, especially since grad students don't stick around long enough to build the long-term organizing skills