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ladeedah1988 t1_iwg36ca wrote

I did get my Ph.D. and lived on the stipend and TAing until I received an RA position. Yes, there were even years when a professor took pity on me and bought me a winter coat. I know full well what it means to be a graduate student and I will tell you that it means less than you think out in the real world. The only ones I do feel for are the post-docs who deserve more.


huggiebigs t1_iwg4ogp wrote

Sorry to read that you had to endure that and were treated so poorly. But that does not mean the ones out there doing it currently should have to do the same


Moughal t1_iwg7ewm wrote

Honestly, a plot twist I didnt see coming 😆. Can I ask if you are 50+? From what I can tell things have changed and people from 50-80 who got their Phd seemed to be in a very different environment. Im not saying it was easier during, but after it seems like there were just more direct opportunities if you put in the time. Where as its pretty bleak if you want to try to teach.

I am sure it is probably not respected, but I do given how much I know people went through to achieve it. So respect to you for completing it! Its really no easy feat.