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TransposingJons t1_iwhmp6x wrote

Never, ever , EVER buy a dog. Even the most reputable breeders are part of the problem.



ForFucksSakeAnything t1_iwhysn9 wrote

While I agree in theory. Reality just isn't that simple. Where I live every single shelter/rescue that I have looked at only has pit bulls or pit mixes. Those dogs are not good fits for about 95% of households (I'm not attacking the breed, but they do ideally require experienced households without small animals/kids). So it makes adopt don't shop really difficult if you don't want a pit mix.


that_sweet_moment t1_iwih6nf wrote

Check out as there are lots of different breeds available. Especially if you are in Dallas area (from your post history).


LlamaNmyLivingRoom t1_iwikvr8 wrote

Thanks for the advice! That's actually how we ended up finding our last family addition. She was listed as an Australian cattle dog basset hound mix. However, even she ended up being about 15% pit bull after dna testing (dunno if those are 100% accurate, but the vet agrees she has some pit). Luckily we don't have an interest in a puppy, so we don't plan on going to a breeder. We are thinking about looking at retired working dogs or even a senior for our next.