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Xul-luX t1_iwi8kia wrote

coal usage by coutrny (world atlas)


Btherock78 t1_iwig69f wrote

That’s coal production by country, not consumption. The US, for example, exports 15% of the coal produced for consumption in other countries.


dannyp777 t1_iwjeswq wrote

Why don't developed countries invest in renewable energy projects in developing countries. Edit: typo


vojenido t1_iwkitgg wrote

It risks a country’s energy security to have a large percentage of their energy supply in “foreign” hands


plssirnomore t1_iwja67v wrote

2022 will be remembered as the year hundreds of billions get sent to other countries and that is uplifting because corruption never happens and things always improve afterwards and tax dosent increase


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SerinaL t1_iwiykqf wrote

Wealthy nations? Hah


TommyTuttle t1_iwil1tp wrote

Lots of countries are causing serious problems with their carbon fuel usage. Indonesia isn’t one of them.


cormac596 t1_iwiopqw wrote

Rich nations have the option to use better energy sources, poorer nations don't have options. This is absolutely a step in the right direction


Initial_E t1_iwixsbz wrote

Depends on how the offer is made. Indonesia is one of the places that could suck up the money and have nothing to show for it.


EDI-Thor t1_iwkh767 wrote

As developing countries become wealthier, their energy consumption also increases. Indonesia is one of those countries.

And we should stop all this bs about pointing fingers on who emits more CO2 and causing more environmental destruction. We're all guilty. Rich countries outsource cheap manufacturing to cheaper countries that cut on environmental standards to produce cheap goods we all take for granted. Then the rising middle class in these developing countries is catching up on consumption rate, topping up on the increasing greenhouse emission and adds to environmental degradation.

We're all guilty, and the sooner we recognise this instead of blaming each other and being cynical doomers, the sooner we could be more proactive as a collective to finding solutions on curbing climate change.