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manowtf t1_iwql4wn wrote

AFAIK Romania has some of the best Internet speeds in Europe because it had to basically start from scratch going from its old soviet era telecoms straight to fibre in recent times.


Duhallower t1_iwsr4lu wrote

Oh yes. A friend in London is Romanian and she cannot get over the appalling internet we have here! Apparently Romanian internet is light years better than that in the U.K.


SlouchyGuy t1_iwu6vpm wrote

It's most of Eastern Europe due to secondary adopter advantage. Even small cities have several internet companies, prices are cheap and speeds are high, same goes for tech like apps - banking applications are also more often advanced and are better made


Winjin t1_iwuidmm wrote

It's hard to get over how good the Russian IT is.

I mean, better part of Silicon Valley are Ivans.

I was... Surprised when I had to use Italian sites. They are like web 1.0 in comparison.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwpyjb6 wrote

>Volodymyr Zelenskiy says ‘communist-era rubbish Russian infrastructure’ will be replaced by latest technology and fund will accelerate country’s economy

>Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest will commit $740m to a global Ukraine investment fund for reconstruction, with the president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, claiming it could see the country become “the fastest growing economy in Europe, if not the world”. > >The “Ukraine Green Growth Initiative” was hoped to grow to US$100bn, seeding investment in energy and communications infrastructure to transform the nation into a “digital green economy” in the recovery from the Russian war > >“Andrew and I have agreed we will not replace communist-era rubbish Russian infrastructure, instead we will leapfrog to the latest technology,” Zelenskiy said in a statement on Thursday. “We will take advantage of the fact that what the Russians have destroyed can readily be replaced with the latest, most modern green and digital infrastructure.”

Good to see some good news for a change. Hope it gets done asap so that Ukrainians can enjoy the amenities we sometimes take for granted after the war


urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_iwqtif3 wrote

Hope he doesn't fall on the 70s building trap

A chance to rebuid new is great but not for the sake of new, sometimes we adopt aesthetics and building policies that at the time seem great only to realize years or decades later they were monstrosities

cities need to be designed as liveable spaces for people not as shining glass and concrete traps for for corporations bragging rights


phixionalbear t1_iwqf4w5 wrote

How much of this disappears into Zelenskiy's offshore accounts?


phixionalbear t1_iwqoh79 wrote

Downvotes but no replies because you all know he's a crook but your worldview is so simplistic that he has to be a goodie because Putin is a baddie.


rtb001 t1_iwqyrm4 wrote

I've no clue if he is actually a crook or not, but I'm pretty certain most of that money is going to end up in somebody's offshore accounts rather than spent on actual rebuilding.


Atypical_Chad t1_iwrvwlg wrote

Nah these guys are trolls his whole election platform has been about ending the rampant corruption in Ukraine and has made some decent strides in that regard. I’m sure they’ll come crawling back to this comment pointing out how Ukraine still has issues, but at least the dude is genuinely trying to make Ukraine better and less corrupt.


Beavertoni t1_iwugi8m wrote

Right. Because banning your opposition is totally not corruption.


phixionalbear t1_iwrydeq wrote

So I'm a troll because I point out that the pandora papers implicate Zelenskiy as a recipient of huge amounts of money stolen from a Ulkrainian bank by his oligarch ally?

Totally normal for comedians to be billionaires of course and to try and hide their wealth in shell companies and then pretend to divest themselves from said shell companies while still receiving payments from them which they don't declare.

"But he said in his campaign that he would crack down on corruption so he can't be corrupt!" Are you a child?


riddet17 t1_iwsulo8 wrote

Excuse me sir, your tankie is showing. Authoritarianism only works in your picture books.


phixionalbear t1_iwsvmi8 wrote


Moron throws around internet buzzword that he doesn't understand and isn't relevant to the discussion.

Would be fun to see you try and explain how pointing of Zelenskiy's corruption makes someone a tankie though.


MildColonialMan t1_iwri05e wrote

Forrest is a mining billionaire who has increased his inherited fortune at the expense of Aboriginal traditional owners while posing as their saviour. Recently his company has invested in gas mining, which he's calling "green" so he can pose as some climate hero. Now he seeks to profit from Ukraine war reconstruction while posing as their saviour.

There will be money to be made in reconstruction either way, he's just getting in early. Once the war is over and nobody's looking, he'll squeeze Ukraine while it's vulnerable. Same as he's always done in negotiations with Aboriginal traditional owners who he claims to help. Nothing to do with "Twiggy" or any other Australian mining magnate is ever uplifting. Just look him up.


invincibl_ t1_iwtje0x wrote

And let's use the right word. Andrew Forrest is an oligarch, just like Gina and Rupert.


Yahoo_Wabbit t1_iwu8gq2 wrote

Is this not straight out of the Chinese play book ?

  1. Offer struggling country buildings/infrastructure etc
  2. Sit back and play nice
  3. Wait until they need that thing and squeeze them for profit ???

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AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwpyyko wrote

Dude. Why are you so triggered by this post?

The guy has been in Ukraine for a week with Zelensky trying to make this happen. Even Zelensky has spoken out about happy he is for this initiative and for Ukraine in this regard.

Edit: for those not reading past this comment. Let me assist by saying, some helpful redditors provided me with in depth info from legit sources on Twiggy and I stand well corrected. I only leave my initial comment as is because it's a teaching moment for people who might have had the same thought process as I did.


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CutsOfRisk t1_iwqkejf wrote

Real life is not a zero sum game, my friend. Sometimes it's possible for everyone to win.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwq2dp0 wrote

According to the article

>The “Ukraine Green Growth Initiative” was hoped to grow to US$100bn, seeding investment in energy and communications infrastructure to transform the nation into a “digital green economy” in the recovery from the Russian war > >Forrest’s investment of US$500m (AUD$741m) was the first announced component of the fund which was expected to grow to a minimum US$25bn and up to US$100bn. Forrest’s contribution would come from the Tattaran Group, the investment company operated by the mining magnate and wife, Nicola.


>In 2013, Andrew and Nicola Forrest, his wife, were the first Australian billionaires to pledge the majority of their wealth to charity in their lifetimes.[7] He had earlier stepped down as CEO of Fortescue Metals in 2011.[8] Much of the Forrest's philanthropy has been through either the Minderoo Foundation (focusing on education and Indigenous Australians) or the Walk Free Foundation (focusing on ending modern slavery), both of which he established. Forrest has been accused of avoiding paying company tax, having revealed in 2011 that Fortescue had never paid company tax > >After stepping down as chief executive officer of FMG, Forrest noted that he had been spending more than 50% of his time on Indigenous philanthropy.[8][73] Forrest became an ambassador for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.[74] Encouraged by the philanthropy of the Rockefeller Group, Warren Buffett, and Melinda and Bill Gates,[75] Andrew and Nicola Forrest established the Australian Children's Trust in 2001.[69

Other than the usual billionaire tax dodges which is sadly the norm, I can't seem to find what you're saying. Kindly assist with sources please

Edit: thanks to all who assisted with info on this dodgy arse character. Desperately trying to be optimistic after reading about his track record. His word should clearly be taken with a huge lump sum of salt.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwqbyu0 wrote

Will look at them as soon as I get home. Cheers

Edit: Finally got around to reading all the articles provided this morning. Damn this guy is a limey dodgy megalomaniac for sure.

I stand corrected. Ukraine & Zelensky should certainly be careful with him. I hope that his ego in this case aligns with Ukraine's need for the infrastructure.


GimmeThatHotGoss t1_iwsqjrw wrote

>I am skeptical about twiggy, but in this case bringing a rich self promoting arse hat, selling investment to other rich self promoting arsehats is likely to do good eventually. Ukraine needs funding, and being part of investing or being seen to invest in Ukraine rebuilding could be the next trendy virtue signalling for billionairs.

here's one more.
This guy is the king of rug pulls.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwtr3kt wrote

Cheers for sharing this mate. Got round to reading them all first thing this morning.

Thoroughly conflicted If i should even leave the post up coz he's clearly not trustworthy, but on the other hand his ego and dodgy ambitions to be seen as a "philanthropic king" might align with Ukraine's need for infrastructure after all the damage from Russia.


GimmeThatHotGoss t1_iwui2ug wrote

>Thoroughly conflicted If i should even leave the post up coz he's clearly not trustworthy, but on the other hand his ego and dodgy ambitions to be seen as a "philanthropic king" might align with Ukraine's need for infrastructure after all the damage from Russia.

I think a heavy dose of skepticism is needed in these situations. I don't think he's going to steal from the fund or anything sinister like that - but i've seen a lot of people get hurt by his broken promises along the way. These guys like to show up at Davos with something to say and some swagger in their step. It's billionaire dick swinging. Enough people know this that I don't think its going to harm Ukraine in any - but at the same time I've learnt not put in trust in these fuckers.


phido3000 t1_iwqkt51 wrote

Twiggy is an arse hat. But I think might have done some good here. As its about investor confidence, by doing his normal self promotion thing, he is probably helping investor confidence.

I am skeptical about twiggy, but in this case bringing a rich self promoting arse hat, selling investment to other rich self promoting arsehats is likely to do good eventually. Ukraine needs funding, and being part of investing or being seen to invest in Ukraine rebuilding could be the next trendy virtue signalling for billionairs.

Personally, probably wouldn't put it in uplifting news. More like self promoting arsehat billionaire actually accidently helps cause, simply due to publicity, category. Today I learned?


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AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwuiah6 wrote

Read the rest of the thread mate. Especially if you're coming in a day later after the discourse.


Shot-Spirit-672 t1_iwujljp wrote

Yea I found the continued exchange of info, proper discourse, I retract my previous comment


grumpy_hedgehog t1_iwqwnv7 wrote

Did Mr. Zelensky also care to explain why his country was still utterly reliant on “communist-era rubbish Russian infrastructure” three decades after gaining independence? Prior to the invasion, Ukraine was considered one the most corrupt countries in Europe. Until steps are taken to address this fundamental issue, it almost doesn’t matter how much money you pour into Ukraine’s reconstruction.


Suncheets t1_iwreg2p wrote

Didn't realize he's been president for 3 decades


ne7erfall t1_iwtwzl6 wrote

The message is - if it’s been like that for three decades, and possibly more, maybe it’s not so “rubbish”, and it surely is as much “rubbish Ukrainian infrastructure” as Russian, because its USSR-made, y’know.


Pringulls t1_iwrk7tp wrote

Becayse they are one of the poorest countries in Europe?


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iws7ym9 wrote

*soviet era

Communism may not be perfect, but it's also never really had a chance to prove itself.

Competition against capitalism and being ran by the soviets is not a representation of communism. Frankly all systems end up being ran by the same assholes doing the same things, just under different names and laws.


arven14 t1_iwsk6l8 wrote

Also if I was gonna criticize the USSR the last thing I'd point at is their infrastructure, they built shit to last or at the very least be repaired easily.


dancingraccoons t1_iwu2bgl wrote

>they built shit to last

You have no idea what you are talking about mate.


Beavertoni t1_iwugzwf wrote

How many years and 100s of millions dead does it have to take for idiots to learn communism is a failed ideology? Even china had to open their markets or face the inevitable.


sellmeyerammorighty t1_iy8mckj wrote

It's actually a political theory in the context that both you and the previous comment use it. Ideology would be party-specific or individual-specific interpretations of Marx and Engels original work, or classical Marxism. China is a Socialist Republic which is run by "Communist Party," which claims to be Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (an ideology), but is actually a capitalist hell hole that produces an elite class and billionaires even faster than the US does. The communist title is used all around the world often as a rouse gain and keep popular support from the proletariat class.


Beavertoni t1_iy8n7z7 wrote

Someone doesn’t know Chinese history.


sellmeyerammorighty t1_iya8gkz wrote

Oh really? Go for it, there expert. They stopped being Maoist decades ago. You have google. Use it. Just because a country claims to still be communist doesn't make it so. Go to bed child.


Shot-Spirit-672 t1_iwuhu4b wrote

Title alone sounds like pro capitalist propaganda, especially considering this Andrew Forrest guy sounds like a piece of shit


GimmeThatHotGoss t1_iwsq9f4 wrote

Is this the same guy who got kicked out of the Vatican?


[deleted] t1_iwsq1ku wrote

Why is this sub just blatant politics nowadays?


GayTaco_ t1_iwtr96w wrote

how is this political? Communism is just mentioned here in order to emphasize the age of the infrastructure.


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InternetThen t1_iwqx0p9 wrote

Feels like this was the plan all along.

I'll see myself out.


28carslater t1_iwt5sr1 wrote

If only CONgress would grant $37 billion to replace America's rubbish infrastructure with the latest technology.


Koovies t1_iwu3d0n wrote

The thought of looming or hidden ordinance always freaked me the fuck out. We don't have to deal with that here, but reading about counties still dealing from ww2 and etc highly spooked me.


SidxTalks t1_iwrx6be wrote

Atleast zelensky $3 billion is safe in offshore accounts


TheGreatBelow023 t1_iwrj0iv wrote

Communists liberated your country from Hitler.


valgrind_error t1_iwrk4yn wrote

Communists originally sided with Hitler to conquer Europe and only joined the good side after Hitler screened Stalin's calls.


TheGreatBelow023 t1_iwrrbz7 wrote

A non-aggression treaty with Germany was also signed with 6 other countries by 1940.

And it was over Poland; a country that only existed again for 15 years by that point.

Not justifying it, just stating the facts.


valgrind_error t1_iwrufsq wrote

As was I. Just wanted to make sure people weren't confused into thinking the communists were interested in the well being of any of the countries they "liberated." After all, they proceeded to oppress those very same countries for another half century.

EDIT: Actually, thinking about the age of various nations at that time, how old were the Third Reich and the USSR when they partitioned Poland? And is it somehow more legitimate in your view to partition a country if it's newer?


TheGreatBelow023 t1_iwvpo25 wrote

It’s like saying Maine isn’t a part of the US. Ukrainian Red Army soldiers fought valiantly against the fascists.

The nationalists who participated in the Holocaust and joined invading fascists were overthrown.

I call that a liberation.

RE Poland, you had Polish communists and socialists who wanted to join the USSR.


valgrind_error t1_iwvycke wrote

You're not answering the question. There were Polish communists who wanted to join the USSR, just as you yourself pointed out there were Polish fascists who wanted to participate in the Holocaust. Neither of those points have any bearing on whether Poland was somehow rightfully part of the Third Reich or the USSR. Also not sure where Ukrainian Red Army soldiers come into this. Of course there were valiant Ukrainians in the Red Army, it was a multiethnic army of an imperialist state. This is one of the many reasons why Russia acting like it is the true successor to the USSR and sole claimant to its various achievements is an absolute farce. But this is a red herring.

I genuinely am confused with you bringing Maine into this discussion. Are you claiming that the relationship between the Second Polish Republic and the USSR, two separate countries formed at roughly the same time, are the same as a US state and the US federal government? That only makes sense if you already subscribe to the USSR's blatantly imperialist ambitions in eastern Europe.

Finally, a country can "liberate" another from one evil overlord and then proceed to brutally subjugate it. Those aren't mutually exclusive. I wouldn't call it a true liberation, though, if you're just replacing one yoke for another (even if the new one is less overtly genocidal towards the "liberated" people in question). That just allows any regime to use whataboutism to excuse away their own issues.


LystAP t1_iwr20cb wrote

I like all the cynical, negative and bitter comments that have shown up.


GimmeThatHotGoss t1_iwsqraj wrote

why is everyone so willing to put their trust into billionaires? there isn't a chance in hell he puts his money where his mouth is. just look at what happened the last time the price of ore crashed.


LystAP t1_iwsy6x9 wrote

Look. I not saying you can’t bash billionaires. I bashed a few myself. But this is the r/upliftingnews Reddit. Where assumingly we focus on the better points of news articles. There are dozen of other subreddits where you could bash said billionaire and rightfully so. But this is not the r/unupliftingnews Reddit.


GimmeThatHotGoss t1_iwukof1 wrote

You’re right. I’ve never even seen this sub before this post. I am probably not cut out for it.