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NotACapedCrusader1 OP t1_iwsc7s4 wrote

This is what someone else said about this article and it's accurate.

It's a long article with photos and graphs but worth a read.

In a nutshell - refinance sovereign debt at more attractive rates freeing up the savings for conservation efforts.

Now this to me sounds like something worthwhile.

It's a start and that is what we need in a lot of places.

Early days for sure but still positive.


Relaxmf2022 t1_iwsfiiz wrote

Now if we can just convince conservatives that pollution is bad, and needs to be reduced, we could get somewhere.

Not gonna hold my breath…


H1ld3gunst t1_iwtrfuv wrote

It’s strange that conservatives are so against conserving nature


Relaxmf2022 t1_iwufxbd wrote

Bewildering, consider how many of them like to hunt and fish. Maybe they just like killing?


Atiggerx33 t1_iwumm5a wrote

Nah, they unironically complain about there being less game and less fish and how sucky that is.


Relaxmf2022 t1_iwunb9x wrote

“Those libr’l policies are choking our rivers and ruining our hunting spots into apartments and toxic waste dumps!

Oh, and I vote ‘Yes’ to defund the EPA”


SilverNicktail t1_iwsjmna wrote

Yeah it's an interesting idea, first I've heard of it. "We'll help out your economy big-time by restructuring your debt, but you have to spend X amount of what we've saved you on conservation". I wonder what the enforcement mechanism on that is. It seems like something that might appeal even to conservatives in those countries.


UpTide t1_iwt60tt wrote

Imagine that: conservatives conserving.


Aalnius t1_iwucdsa wrote

the issue is on making sure what they spend it on is actually useful rather then just some sham charity set up by a buddy or the company itself.