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theFCCgavemeHPV t1_iwza217 wrote

This article does so many things right, it’s refreshing! I caught the video of the request and when the dress arrived, and I’m really happy to see how it turned out 😁


Gay_merman t1_ix0e691 wrote

Super wholesome! Lizzo is classy af!


BigDerp97 t1_ix0kckd wrote

The maker of big GRRRL small world is classy 😭


mymeatpuppets t1_iwzzcgv wrote

I don't know anything about anyone in this story but this is very cool for everyone all around. Blessings to all!


[deleted] t1_ix042jb wrote



Thornescape t1_ix05sgq wrote

Imagine if all the people with so much "concern" about the health of others spent as much time talking about alcoholism or cigarette smoking. If every single time someone was drinking or smoking, they went up in arms with just as much fervour as people do about overweight people?

Yeah, no, sorry, I don't buy the "I'm only concerned about their health" line. It's just fat shaming and abuse.

Yes, definitely, being seriously obese is hard on your health. However, "losing weight" isn't as easy as some people pretend. Sometimes there are medical issues involved. Sometimes it's genetic. Sometimes it's just none of your bloody business and you should damned well leave it alone.

If you're so obsessed about criticizing people for unhealthy decisions, go ahead and spread that concern to all the smokers and drinkers, who are far more likely to die from their actions. I'm certain that they would appreciate how much you care.


Cetun t1_ix0jkiz wrote

There's literally advertisements on TV about how smoking is bad, It's universally considered a disgusting shameful activity even by many cigarette smokers. I don't know of any example in the media where cigarette smoking is specifically glorified. There might be neutral depictions of cigarette smoking but there are no people out there in the media hailing the benefits of smoking. I personally have friends that smoke and I tell them all the time that they should stop smoking, They do not respond to me with some sort of diatribe about how actually smoking isn't that bad and I should just accept them for who they are and not focus so much on the smoking part. They don't do that because they know that's an insane thing to say. They know that I care about their health that smoking is a bad thing and it would be dumb to try to pretend that it's a good thing.

You could perhaps make a better argument that alcoholism in mainstream media has been shown as a fun activity, but alcoholism is also routinely shown as a very bad thing also. Drunk husbands that beat their wives, alcohol-related accidents and fatalities, getting drunk and being raped, are all frequent ways that alcoholism is depicted in media. It's frequently shown as a contemptible thing.

I'm not sure what media you're watching, I don't remember seeing a interview where some famous person that young people might be impressionable towards go on and on about how actually being an alcoholic is a really good and neat thing that contributes positively to you and your personality, I don't remember people saying that you should be proud to be an alcoholic or that You should look at yourself after a 3-day bender and really be proud of what you've become.

No one's doing those things, being unhealthy in any way it's not and should not be considered a good thing. Everybody has ways that they are unhealthy but those ways that you are unhealthy nobody should be proud of. You should be proud of overcoming it or at least attempting to overcome it, no one should look in the mirror and look at their stained yellow teeth and say "geez I sure am glad that I'm a smoker, My smoking habit that caused these yellow teeth made me who I am today And I love myself for my smoking habit"


winklesnad31 t1_ix0t4jf wrote

I read the article, and no where in there is anything even remotely advocating being fat. She just said she wants fat people to feel beautiful. Thats it. It's not advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. It's just advocating self love.


elixier t1_ix09q0j wrote

>Imagine if all the people with so much "concern" about the health of others spent as much time talking about alcoholism or cigarette smoking

Many do. In most countries cig boxes have pictures of gruesome lungs from smokers and alcohol purchasing is restricted heavily or even banned after certain times of the day. So what's your response to people who advocate against abuse of alcohol, cigarettes AND food? If what you said is true then you should support that right?


Thornescape t1_ix0c79k wrote

Overweight people all know it's hard on their health. They all know. All of them. They don't need additional abuse from strangers. They have more than enough stress in their life without it.

My sister is overweight in an unhealthy way. It would be reasonable for me to talk to her in a caring way about her weight, because of the relationship that we have. That would be appropriate.

It isn't necessary for me to talk to her because she already knows, and her doctor and husband have talked to her about it and she really truly doesn't need additional people on her case about it. She doesn't need her brother talking to her about it as well. And she certainly doesn't need strangers pretending to be concerned either.

She knows. The false concern doesn't help anything or anyone.


_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ t1_ix0dpfi wrote

However, it would not be appropriate to promote being dangerously overweight as being desirable.


Thornescape t1_ix0q1di wrote

No one does that. No one. It's a myth and a lie and an excuse to abuse others.


elixier t1_ix12zok wrote

They literally do though. There was someone on a breakfast show not that long ago saying it very plainly


elixier t1_ix12rif wrote

I love the defence is "abuse" when all the people here are saying is don't say its a GOOD thing lol


Thornescape t1_ix1h33e wrote

If you don't think that overweight people are continually treated like trash and abused because of their weight, then you don't really know any overweight people. It's rampant. It's destructive. It ruins people.

People justify the abuses with garbage just like this.


elixier t1_ix2ar1h wrote

I like the way all I have to say is I don't think treating being overweight as overly positive means I must think abusing overweight people is ok. Funny how your brain can't handle that


Thornescape t1_ix2clvf wrote

Ah yes. Why would I get the impression that you would be the type who would make snide and biting comments towards others, with just enough plausible deniability to pretend to be a supportive kind of person?

Perhaps my "brain" has simply heard far too many people who talk just like you and had to watch far too many people severely depressed afterwards.


elixier t1_ix2ov1i wrote

Actually mental how you can't even pretend to not assume what other people think lmao. Even when they've made if clear lol


srkad t1_ix0atwt wrote

It’s none of anyones business what someone puts in their body if it has no effect on the people around them. Mind your own fucking business is the answer to your question.


KarateKid72 t1_ix0dskx wrote

The fact is, the long list of medical conditions associated with obesity end up increasing the cost of medical care, both at POS and through insurance premiums. It’s a huge societal issue (no pun intended) and ignoring the costs on society doesn’t do anyone any good.


srkad t1_ix0erlp wrote

Factually false. I’ve proven this argument false many times before on Reddit and don’t have the motivation to pull the links but if you do even a modicum of research you can see that the cost of obesity on the entire healthcare system as a whole is so marginal as to be almost completely irrelevant.


jabberwockgee t1_ix0jflh wrote

TIL $173 billion a year is almost completely irrelevant.


srkad t1_ix0shl1 wrote

The cost of the American healthcare system is 4.1 trillion

So 173 billion is a whopping 4.1% of all healthcare costs. I’m sure if we got all obese people skinny that 4.1% would really cut everyone’s costs.


jabberwockgee t1_ix0tmzh wrote

So might as well encourage 'big and beautiful' to get that number up, right?

Edit: there's no arguing with you, but I don't think 4% is 'almost completely irrelevant' when talking about healthcare. Do you know how many health issues there are and how bad it is if ONE health issue takes up 4% of the cost?

Insanity to think it's not a big issue. Don't worry about obesity folks, only worry about cancer and heart disease or whatever, even though they're a lot harder to tackle. Don't worry about obesity and encourage people who promote it.


srkad t1_ix0u3yw wrote

We might as well mind our own business and let people live the way they want to live because in the end it has next to 0 effect on your daily life.


elixier t1_ix12ckh wrote

Ok let heroin addicts inject their way to the grave, after all, its their bodies :DDDDD


srkad t1_ix1419t wrote

Do you go out to all the homeless people and yell at them for injecting heroin or do your mind your own business and move on?


elixier t1_ix155c9 wrote

I support volunteer groups that try and get people off the streets, just like I would support campaigns trying to help curb obesity. Its fucking insane how saying "I don't support people dying from heroin overdoses" leads you to saying "Do you yell at them then?!?!". Americans in a nutshell lol

I don't go out insulting fat people, but when people say "being fat is perfectly fine and you can be very healthy whilst being huge and you gotta respect that, and you look just as pretty too" then no I don't support that message. You can surely rub those 2 braincells together and see the difference right?

If someone is fat but gets the issue with it and just lives their life, then its not like I have any power or say over their life, since they know its an issue themselves. But when people lie and maybe convince other people who could start a weight loss journey to essentially not bother because being fat is fine then that's not good at all.


jabberwockgee t1_ix24h94 wrote

I might get annoyed if famous people got on their bullhorn to spout 'high and beautiful' rhetoric.

Or should we encourage that too? 🤔


jabberwockgee t1_ix0ulbn wrote

You're excellent at using weasel words.

'almost completely irrelevant'

'next to 0 effect'

You can't argue with someone who won't make an actual statement.


srkad t1_ix0v99r wrote

Would you rather I say it has exactly 0 effect so that you can push up your glasses and say “AcShUAlLy”? I use those words because obviously it’s effect is not 0. But it’s effect is pretty fucking close to 0 when it comes to your life and how your are effected.


jabberwockgee t1_ix0xhnc wrote

So it's an opinion and not arguable.

4% is huge. But to you, it's next to nothing.

Why not introduce more bad habits and have famous people promote them?

If the total burden to the healthcare system is 4% or less, it's A-OK.

What a bizarre argument.


KarateKid72 t1_ix19ns1 wrote

It’s a straw man argument. He’s been making several of those already, like the alcohol argument.

What we can anticipate is increased costs as obesity increases as a percentage of the population. Things like joint replacements. Cancers. Respiratory and circulatory issues. Not surprisingly, it’s also a strong indicator of economic disparity in this country.

What I’m surprised we haven’t heard is some sort of BS about the metabolically healthy obese individual. I hear that a lot in body positivity groups, despite research to the contrary.


srkad t1_ix0yen0 wrote

4% is huge? Lmao alright bro whatever you say. Keep raising your blood pressure over what strangers put in their mouth.


tim-405 t1_ix1tute wrote

Honestly can’t believe how one can claim that 4% is insignificant when talking about the equivalent 173 billion dollars it represent. First off all 4% is not insignificant by any definition of that word but you probably wouldn’t know that. Nor is 173 billion, there are literally countries worth less, by ANY definition it is a huge amount. You’re probably trolling but damn what a braindead comments. Imagine thinking 4% is insignificant and repeating it multiple times with such confidence.


[deleted] t1_ix1wxo3 wrote



tim-405 t1_ix20j88 wrote

>It’s insignificant in context but I know context is probably extremelyhard for you to understand. When I say “someone being obese has noeffect on you” and someone replies “yes it does, it makes my insurancepremiums more expensive because of fat people’s cost on the healthcaresystem.” That 4% IS insignificant.

It literally isn't as proven 10 times in this thread, the 173 billion dollars required to pay for it doesn't just fall out of the sky? That has to be paid by taxes or personal contribution, either way it HAS to be paid someway which means I will either way foot the bill either by inflation or (in)direct contribution. That is indisputable. You can make all kinds of mental gymnastics or share your invalid opinions but the fact still is that it cost money and affects our economy (meaning it isn't insignificant) as literally said by the cdc themselves; It is beyond me how you cannot fathom that increased healthcare needs does result in extra cost for (healthy) people but maybe that is to much to ask from an average redditor.


jabberwockgee t1_ix1uoa5 wrote

What percentage of the total healthcare spending does a single health issue need to take up before it's a 'big problem' according to you?

50%? (aka no health issue is a problem since none take up 50%)

25%? (aka 1 or 2?)

20? (maybe 3?)

15? (4? 5?)

10? (maybe 6 health issues total?)

Like I'm not sure if you just don't understand percentages or what...

4% is a big percentage, especially for something that's preventable via a person's life choices.


srkad t1_ix1x7jb wrote

The claim was that fat people make health insurance more expensive. So yes it would have to be much more than 4% of health related costs for me to consider it significant enough to make an impact on how much you pay for health insurance. You can keep trying to change what this argument has been about all you want though.


jabberwockgee t1_ix224ku wrote

So you don't consider 4% a big enough increase. We get it, we get it.

What would be a big enough increase?

I just think you are trying to justify letting obesity run rampant regardless of costs and using weasel words to prevent an actual discussion about it.

You think 4% isn't a big increase but then say it's not actually increasing costs at all, which is just lies.

So disregarding the fact that you refuse to have an honest discussion, what percentage increase would make you think twice about celebrities endorsing obesity as a healthy lifestyle?

Like 50%?


AZBreezy t1_ix0qo5u wrote

"Prove" is a strong word


srkad t1_ix0t8zg wrote

Facts don’t lie. Obesity accounts for only 4% of total healthcare related costs in this country. We have a 4.1 trillion dollar healthcare system, blaming obese people for that is hilarious.


SayRaySF t1_ix0r61d wrote

As someone who used to work in end of life care nursing facilities, you’re sorely mistaken.

At one point over 85% of the 150 bed facility was taken up by people who literally ate their way into the grave. Guess what? All of them on Medicare.


srkad t1_ix0stak wrote

The American healthcare system costs 4.1 trillion dollars.

I don’t care about your anecdotal situation in your one nursing facility. Obesity accounts for only 4% of healthcare related costs in this country. Those are facts, not anecdotes.


SayRaySF t1_ix0zg1w wrote

Still a staggering amount of money on something very preventable. And that cost will only continue to rise with our current trends. Complacency is not an option here lol.


srkad t1_ix114qd wrote

And the costs associated with excessive alcohol use are almost 100 billion higher per year.

Yet people aren’t calling for sweeping changes to how this country views and consumes alcohol. Ultimately the cost to YOU individually is negligible.

Creating government programs and regulations to help combat obesity is completely different from random people on the internet pointing out to fat people that they are fat and telling them they need to lose weight. I’m not against creating regulations to make the food we eat healthier. What I am against though is people thinking that telling someone what they should or shouldn’t eat is going to somehow help them. Mind your own business.


elixier t1_ix12k6o wrote

>Yet people aren’t calling for sweeping changes to how this country views and consumes alcohol.

Again, "People".

Which people? Not the people in this thread, you just cant accept that, can you?

You say mockingly that people don't do anything to curb alcohol deaths and that we don't care, but when we do and just also include obesity in the list of things that need prevention just like addiction to alcohol, and say people shouldn't glorify it as a good thing, suddenly its "well it's their bodies leave them alone!!!".

The issue is anyone glorifying being overweight as okay is doing damage, I'm not saying people should be mocked, just not treated like its a GOOD thing, but you literally cant wrap your mind around any of that and think its somehow an insult or that people pick and choose.


srkad t1_ix147nf wrote

The vast majority of Americans are the people. What discourse is there among American people for a prohibition of alcohol? Go to a new thread kid your replies to me are all fucking stupid.


elixier t1_ix14kwl wrote

>The vast majority of Americans are the people

And Americans are the only people on earth or reddit are they? Fucking pathetic how Americans think they're the only people that matter. Hilarious how you say "you people" when you're talking to someone who you can't believe doesn't fit your pathetic worldview to the level that you disregard my existence and shift the blame to a huge group of people I don't even belong to. Only fucking stupid person is you not being capable of talking to someone without massive sweeping statements whilst also ignoring everything they say


Aalnius t1_ix0nduu wrote

not that i believe shitting on people is the best way to combat it but obesity has both indirect effects and direct effects on other people. Indirect is the extra strain on public resources to support them and direct is shit like making it more difficult to get past them, being crushed by them when sitting next to them on public transport etc.


srkad t1_ix0sym0 wrote

The American healthcare system costs 4.1 trillion dollars per year. Obesity accounts for only 4% of total costs. The argument that it is a strain on the economy is patently bullshit. And your other reasons are fucking laughable.


BigDerp97 t1_ix0k5na wrote

Imagine if people were walking around talking about "accepting " alcoholism and how alcoholics are beautiful. Wake up


Thornescape t1_ix0px51 wrote

Do you realize how much abuse is poured on people who are overweight? Do you have any vague notion? It's rampant. It's excessive.

They don't need more. It doesn't help. Some of them have medical conditions where they can't do much about it. I have family members in that situation.

It's about balance. Sometimes you have to accept your situation. If you can get healthier, awesome. If you can't, then accept yourself as you are. Try to be healthy, but love who you are as well.

Overweight people have more than enough people telling them that they are "ugly" and "hideous" and "loathsome". It's over the top and unnecessary. If they want to work with their doctors about being healthier, awesome. They don't need more strangers telling them that they are ugly.


BigDerp97 t1_ix0qavr wrote

What do you mean "you have to accept your situation"?

Everyone can lose weight. If you are in a caloric deficit you can lose weight.

The problem is a lack of motivation. If an alcoholic won't quit drinking it isn't that they can't. Encouraging them does not help them.

You can encourage people not to bully fat people without saying they are "beautiful" for their morbid obesity


M-S-S t1_ix0gcu9 wrote

Maybe why overweight people aren't a protected class in the US?


Kebab-Destroyer t1_ix05x1w wrote

For some people it isn't that easy, especially since there's so many fad diets and bullshit products out there that don't work for long if at all. They don't see progress and give up. Or it may be embarrassment or anxiety or depression that stops them going to the gym.

Eating disorders and other medical conditions are other possible reasons.

Some people just won't change their ways and expect the world to cater to them (pun intended).


killcat t1_ix0ehum wrote

99% of the time it's a lack of will power, it's not easy but it is simple.


Law_Doge t1_ix06are wrote

Just let her enjoy the dress for the rest of her life before it’s cut short due to heart disease or diabetes


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Doobledorf t1_iwzv6ly wrote

Great story! They looked gorgeous.


BigDerp97 t1_ix0kf7a wrote

Not uplifting news