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Imthorsballs t1_ix03kks wrote

I heard about her and listened to her music on NPR! Really happy for her.


Atoning_Unifex t1_ix0zqah wrote

Same. Her album is great, too. Her voice and her delivery/phrasing.... pure velvet.


Insterquiliniis t1_ix12cpy wrote

be like that
I'll go google it then
there. watched it and here's the link they didn't want to share


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SandBoxKing t1_ix1q9wu wrote

I doubt they meant it as anything more than a lighthearted comment lol


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SandBoxKing t1_ix25196 wrote

The hyperlinked text is the only indication that they might have been upset someone didn't provide a link. I'm willing to chalk it up to sarcasm and move on


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SandBoxKing t1_ix292c9 wrote

No dumbass I want you to move on. As previously stated


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BackwardPalindrome t1_ix34b48 wrote

You are literally at -8 karma 5 posts into a drop-down. You made a mistake. Don't just double down on it, apologize for misreading what was said, learn from the mistake, and move on.

Stop digging further down.


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BackwardPalindrome t1_ix3802b wrote

Karma in a one on one interpersonal interaction is actually a pretty good measure of what the general consensus is on your opinion, at least among this site's active userbase.

You did make a mistake. You misread someone's intentions. You didn't do it on purpose, but it was still a mistake.

You are extremely defensive right now, and I'm sorry that things in your life are so bad it's pushing you to be this angry at people online.

Please practice self-love and care soon. You need it.


Imthorsballs t1_ix13yen wrote

I figured this went without searching considering not many 95-year-olds get awarded. My apologies.