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DevAstral t1_ix2ql31 wrote

I’ve given up music a bit before Covid because the little bit of career I could have had evaporated…

I’m 33 and I’ve been kinda broken since then, thinking it’s too late anyways. This gave me hope.

Thanks OP for the first really uplifting news I’ve seen on this sub since a very long time!


AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2rkgv wrote

Any time mate. If you love it pursue it. It's never too late as long as you've got a beat in your jolly wonderful heart.

The world needs to hear your artistic expression. Am slightly older than you (mid 30) and I intend on going back to school, so why don't you and I make a pact

By next year same day, you gotta do at least 3 songs and I have to do at least 3 courses (that's the bare minimum). Deal?


DevAstral t1_ix2zv5c wrote

It’s a deal friend! And I’m sure you’ll do a killing at your courses 😁


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixaogq0 wrote

You're still a youngin' although it might not feel that way. I read the article and she said something like "Life is hard but never give up" (paraphrased).