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AsslessBaboon OP t1_ix2rkgv wrote

Any time mate. If you love it pursue it. It's never too late as long as you've got a beat in your jolly wonderful heart.

The world needs to hear your artistic expression. Am slightly older than you (mid 30) and I intend on going back to school, so why don't you and I make a pact

By next year same day, you gotta do at least 3 songs and I have to do at least 3 courses (that's the bare minimum). Deal?


DevAstral t1_ix2zv5c wrote

It’s a deal friend! And I’m sure you’ll do a killing at your courses 😁


FrazzledTurtle t1_ixaogq0 wrote

You're still a youngin' although it might not feel that way. I read the article and she said something like "Life is hard but never give up" (paraphrased).