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BigLizardInBackyard t1_ixd3wcw wrote

My guy, this isn't being done for the environmentalists or the minorities it's being done to help the profit of the power company which is what we want really - this will be great for the bottom line - a huge cost avoidance and them liberals are paying for it too. Stop complaining or they'll figure it out.

"PacifiCorp would have had to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in fish ladders, fish screens and other conservation upgrades under environmental regulations that were not in place when the aging dams were first built. But with the deal approved Thursday, the utility’s cost is capped at $200 million, with another $250 million from a California voter-approved water bond."

Edit, LOL: PacifiCorp, which operates the hydroelectric dams and is owned by billionaire Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway,


msinkovich t1_ixdzgfe wrote

This is the explanation as I understood it..