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kevdogger t1_ixd8pof wrote

I don't really know anything about the treaty that was signed in the past so I won't common on that however on face value this entire project just seems like a stretch and huge waste of money with questionable results. I've read the link you posted however I'm always cautious about projections that take years to show results. There are a lot of variables that could come into play effecting results..either positive or negative. The US and I think the world in general are looking for clean sources of energy and here this proposal are tearing down clean sources of energy. Spending a lot of money to construct the damn..then tear them down..then to reconstruct alternative sources of green energy seems in my opinion a huge waste. I appreciate opposing points of view however.


EndlessHalftime t1_ixdd93u wrote

You’re ignoring the fact that old dams including these need massive upgrades to have a new license approved. They were also built long before current seismic design standards. Dam safety isn’t something you want to shortcut. Oroville dam didn’t even fail and it cost a billion dollars to repair.

The project is driven by money. Any environmental benefits are an added bonus.


kevdogger t1_ixddx6m wrote

Thanks for in the end it's a money problem..