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plzzhelpaguyout t1_ixdsa0a wrote

Any talk of regulation on water usage during the summer months.

I live a hop skip and a jump from one of the salmon bearing rivers in Oregon.

Our current fish return count as of a week or so ago was 3 chinooks coming back up. :(

During the past few summers, I’ve noticed that the river water pretty much plummets within a week or so once the people raising cattle start to water their pastures. They will be watering when it’s full sun mid day.. not at night or the morning and evenings..

I can go down to the river and the spots that are almost chest deep are ankle deep once the irrigation starts.

That cannot be helping the fish and wildlife that rely on the river. Not a scientist or biologist. Just my 2c.

2017 was the last year I saw any significant sign that there might have been fish activity happening ie: boats / fisherman out in droves during fishing season. It’s been pretty quite here since.

Would love to get a job helping with bring back the fish numbers and habitat restoration work. Anyone got leads on those positions? Or guidance on getting into that type of field of work?