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fairlyoblivious t1_ixem696 wrote

While all of this may be varying degrees of true, it's almost certain that the main MAJOR reason for this is that Chinook Salmon that spawns at the Klamath is endangered and the next step beyond that is "Critically endangered" which is often impossible to come back from. This being the largest and most valuable fish for consumption on the west coast and perhaps for much of America, and it's pretty clear much of this decision is to prevent the loss of a billion dollar industry..

It's not JUST about that one fish, but it IS ALMOST ENTIRELY about that one fish and the knockdown effects if it goes bye bye, which it may any way - Their main food source is invertebrate and the increasing acidification of the ocean by the increased co2 absorption is making "Exoskeletons" unable to form as easily, soon they will not form at all, boom collapse from the bottom up.


snarefire t1_ixemmss wrote

Thank you for articulating the finer points of this.