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DickweedMcGee t1_ixjdyvn wrote

The guy on the left with the shotgun appears non too pleased his compatriots stopped to take a group photo...


Srscott12 t1_ixjhhm9 wrote

Was there a moose loose aboot this hoose?


Legal_Refuse t1_ixjww6h wrote

The moose now owns your home.


Nikolozeon t1_ixl794a wrote

Wait, how they managed to make him chill like that for a photo? I can’t even get make my kids to do that!


Beleiverofhumanity t1_ixl9jpm wrote

"A biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was able to tranquilize the moose, but the animal wasn't completely unconscious."

Tranqued him


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Digital_loop t1_ixkxkrg wrote

Jesus... Give a moose a cookie one time!