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Cerwen5 t1_ixm59ec wrote

How many does she want for her second birthday at 105?


I-Kant-Even t1_ixm9iwm wrote

Will there be a second birthday party at 105?


EloquentEvergreen t1_ixmgpxo wrote

105? She doesn’t look a day past 104. I’m sure she has plenty more 105 birthdays left in her! I mean, heck, my last girlfriend turned 29 for ten years in a row!


KorgX3 t1_ixmiu8p wrote

"I want 105 cards."

/receives 1200

"You motherfuckers just don't get it, do you?"


NoWayNotThisAgain t1_ixoi8p0 wrote

Seems like she’s about 104 years too late for a first birthday