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RatRob t1_ixr4747 wrote

Feel like this “record” isn’t possibly the record. My buddy just had his mini dachshund die this year at the ripe young age of 21 (just shy of 22 by a few weeks).

22 can’t possibly be the record. I feel like it isn’t even close to what it could be.


Greentaboo t1_ixrd10v wrote

There was a dog at 29. This is for the currently alive category.


snowbirdie t1_ixrmtsr wrote

No, it’s a paid title. It’s not the oldest dog alive. You pay them to say whatever.


Kim-dongun t1_ixrs2sv wrote

Yet no one in these comments has even an anecdote of a dog that would beat this record, so until that happens I'll accept it.


indieplants t1_ixsgxnt wrote

Uh, the comment above says oldest dog alive was 29, and my Patch was 23 when he died last Christmas. He was a jack russell. I can assure you there are older dogs out there


pugyoulongtime t1_ixs4p7x wrote

I’d be so happy if my boy lived that long, wow. His life expectancy is 15 at the most and he’s 4 right now. It already feels like I only got him last year 😔


Greentaboo t1_ixs51e6 wrote

I had a Rottie make it to 16. Easily tied for best dog ever with a Mini Pinscher I had as a child. Most of my rottie's siblings pass between ages 8-10. He was pretty spry and honestly he went from being very fit to dying almost overnight. It was hard to take.


justwannagiveupvotes t1_ixsgpni wrote

That’s the best way for them to go though right? My last dog almost made 15. She was fine and happy (eating well, walking for 30 mins every day on 3 legs) until one day she got really sick. Took her to the vet, it was clearly her time, they gave her enough pain killers for me to bring her home and they came to our house to give the injection. I wanted her last memory to be our bed, she hated the vet. All happened over 2 days. I think it’s harder when there’s a slow decline and you have to work out quality of life.


gigatension t1_ixs3oex wrote

A blue heeled named Bluey of all things. Died in the 1970’s. This title is baloney.


DominionGhost t1_ixr920d wrote

Agreed. My childhood shi'tzu broke 21 as well, I don't feel like she was in amazing condition her whole life.


AnthoZero t1_ixrmp4m wrote

My dog is 16 and we are probably putting her down next week. She’s blind, deaf and has incontinence and it feels like she’s 2/3 years overdue. I can’t imagine another 5 years of her. At a certain point keeping them alive feels meaner than putting them to rest.


DominionGhost t1_ixro73m wrote

Yeah I should add that my dog was fine until a few weeks before the end. She did go blind for years but still was playing until her last month.

We didn't keep her in suffering.

Edit also I'm sorry for your puppers.


Doodleslr t1_ixrts3n wrote

My dachshund/corgi hit 20 before he went.

There's something about dachshunds..


Clarknt67 t1_ixsmygo wrote

Most small breeds like longer than large breeds.