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[deleted] t1_ixratoq wrote


SKYDROVE t1_ixrbemu wrote

In no sarcastic way what so ever can you define what youre talking about? Define living and why that's different than the oldest dog who made it to 29?


Ocularias t1_ixrbpf0 wrote

...The dog is still alive. They have record for oldest living thing all the time, this is not a unique nor a difficult thing to understand.


SKYDROVE t1_ixrbzci wrote

That simple huh? I truly don't get how that's a record but hey people be people.


scottydc91 t1_ixrcs0u wrote

The record changes, when the oldest dies, the next oldest becomes the record holder. It's a repeating cycle, really not that hard to understand.


Ocularias t1_ixrc5te wrote

It's a long running thing at least in the "oldest living human" department.


Boathead96 t1_ixrhj47 wrote

Are you actually asking someone to define why a dead dog is not living 😂