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Greecelightninn t1_ixqxwu6 wrote

Too bad Guinness is corrupt as fuck and gives out "records" for money .


ConquerorAegon t1_ixr0a4l wrote

It’s literally the point of Guinness lmao. It doesn’t make much money off book sales or some standard of integrity but from people who pay them to put them in the book. You can expedite the procedure massively by paying and it’s by design. This isn’t corruption.


AerodynamicBrick t1_ixr0zjj wrote

Making unexpected collusion a part of the system doesnt make it no longer corrupt.

Lets say you have a politician getting bribed. If they passed a law making it legal to do so and document that they are in fact being paid by unexpected and unwarranted people. Does that make it no longer corrupt? Of course not.

Just a wild example though, no way it could ever happen.


CocodaMonkey t1_ixr98lg wrote

I wouldn't call them corrupt. Sure they take money to publish your records but they don't lie. The records they have are to their knowledge actually the best. They won't publish you as the best at something if they have other records showing someone is better.

I think you're just putting too much into Guinness. It started as a way to settle bar bets by actually recording records. It's not some fine tuned research organization that does extensive research. They just record the best they see and charge you for it.


the_starship t1_ixrzcls wrote

You can buy records that are exclusive to you. If I wanted to I could have the Guinness World Record for most karma awarded to a reddit user with the word Starship in the name. Then if someone else attempts to break that record, Guinness would say they no longer accept submissions for that record


CocodaMonkey t1_ixs0343 wrote

I agree with most of your comment. Your last sentence is wrong though, anyone else could buy that record if they could beat it and Guinness would let them.


the_starship t1_ixs0sj5 wrote

There are regular records like the oldest cat and tallest building then there are corporate awards that are used for PR and are created exclusively for that company. No one else can obtain that exact record ever again.


CocodaMonkey t1_ixs1e61 wrote

So? Do you have an example of where that's a problem? If the award was first person to get a Guinness record at Microsoft that would be a single time award as nobody else could ever be first but who cares? If someone wants to pay to have that let them.


Tietonz t1_ixtoskx wrote

>So? Do you have an example of where that's a problem?

It's not a problem because world records don't really mean anything tangible and they've always been irrelevant, only mattering to people who decide they matter. Which is fine.

It does mean Guinness as a record holding company is illegitimate and any discussion about them should be brought up with that caveat.


CocodaMonkey t1_ixv03ax wrote

Your statement doesn't make any logical sense. Listing records you don't care about in no way makes them an illegitimate record holding company. The records they hold are all real and they try to validate them. That's really all anyone wants from a record holding company.


AerodynamicBrick t1_ixrayk4 wrote

Yes, it its a meaningless bar betting book. But, we have a responsibility to expect unbiased information in all aspects of our lives though.

At large if we neglect to have conversations like these, greed will cement itself as standard.


CocodaMonkey t1_ixrgg71 wrote

I don't see greed here. They are what they say they are. It's a business, they have ethics and they stick to them. Paying to have a record entered isn't corruption, it's a business.

Doing Guiness in the way people think they want is impossible. It's also not how any records work. Even world records for sports only count if done according to the rules of a major sports body which also costs money. Very few records can we actually say for certain are truly the record, just the best we ever recorded.


[deleted] t1_ixrp4y9 wrote



CocodaMonkey t1_ixrq9e9 wrote

Like I said, I don't see a problem. Who cares if they recognize an obscure category? If you want to pay them to recognize you are the best at riding a tricycle on top of a moving bus while eating a hotdog and singing opera then so be it. I see absolutely no problem with that. You get your record, Guinness gets their money and absolutely nobody was hurt.

As for the human rights issue. I've not heard anything about it in regards to Guinness but I could believe it. What organization doesn't accept money from people who violate human rights? I don't think there's a single organization that records records that doesn't.


[deleted] t1_ixrrz51 wrote



CocodaMonkey t1_ixrvt9u wrote

What is in stark contrast with how they portray themselves? Nothing you said goes against Guinness branding.

Honestly you seem really mad about Guinness not being a crusader for world peace. They don't claim to be, nobody expects them to be and they aren't. You can be as high and mighty as you want about human right abuses but bear in mind you're typing that complaint on a device which was made at least in part by a company that committed human right abuses so you're also complicit.

Most people (and companies) accept money from people who pay them for a service. Very few actually care how the person/company got the money originally. You can complain about it all you like but you're so far down the chain that it doesn't matter. Literally everyone does it.


[deleted] t1_ixsfhgv wrote



CocodaMonkey t1_ixthov8 wrote

I'm not even sure what you're trying to say. I think it was "Guinness is bad for recognizing accomplishments from countries you don't like".

I'm really not trying to be mean to you but you're just repeating the same thing over and over with more words. Your point is fine I guess but it's just nitpicky. No sport between countries, no tech company, no multinational company in existence is good under your view. Which is an opinion you can have but if you want to take that hard-line stance what are you doing using a device capable of posting on Reddit? You're betraying your ethics.

I'm not saying Guinness is good. It's just as far as known brands go they aren't even in the top thousand to pick on. Having a Guinness record means pretty much jack shit globally. Best use case is as a pickup line. You're assigning vastly too much responsibility to Guinness.


ConquerorAegon t1_ixr747f wrote

If I pay to advertise myself or my company on YouTube is YouTube corrupt for publishing the ad? Same goes for this. It’s a book of advertisements for the most part and iirc they even have a service for companies to break a record. It’s not some tome of truth and should not be viewed as such.


DominionGhost t1_ixr8vob wrote

But if they market themselves as a tome of record breaking truth as they do, and when an award for a world record goes not to the person who actually has the "insert prize winning thing" instead goes to the "has a decently impressive thing but can pay more" that isn't advertising that is bribery.


FinancialTea4 t1_ixrdevs wrote

I love how people demand capitalism and privatization in everything and then act all surprised when capitalism is what they get. Our entire economy is based on "corruption". It's literally our guiding principle. What on earth do you expect to get out of such a system? Altruism for the sake of money? We've been praising, rewarding, and pretty much worshipping the most greedy, dishonest, and self serving people in our society for a very long time. This shit is working exactly as it was intended to work.


barrygateaux t1_ixrnz82 wrote

Most of the records are false claims though. It's not the oldest dog in the world. It's simply someone with an old dog that paid to pretend they have the oldest dog. Its not like there is any cross checking or verification. Literally anyone can pretend they're the world record holder of something if they pay. That's the problem.


Greecelightninn t1_ixr3e3v wrote

Idk maybe corruption isn't the right word , but giving human rights abusers a platform to make them look good and not like the total pieces of shit they are isn't helpful


Greecelightninn t1_ixrrpez wrote

But did you actually laugh your ass off ? The point of the Guinness world records was to promote Guinness, it's not a world record if you just pay for it tho innit?


ThatGirl_Tasha t1_ixqvd2h wrote

I had a coydog who lived to be 22, but coyotes live a long time


1live4downvotes t1_ixrjzg0 wrote

had a pet mouse live like 5 years. I only later found out later that the "oldest" mouse recorded lived for 4 years. I'm sure there are countless other instances of pets living past what has been documented as the oldest, but no one really thinks to track these sort of things.


ar2991 t1_ixrtbwl wrote

Pretty sure that's Wormtail


1live4downvotes t1_ixrui0r wrote

nah dude, that is crazy. I mean yes this mouse was found at the murder site of my best friends parents... and yes one of the suspects was missing a finger which matches up with my pet mouse... but like... wait...


Phytor t1_ixrqjsh wrote

If it was a pet mouse you had as a kid, it's more likely that your parents were replacing the mouse when it died.


1live4downvotes t1_ixrssml wrote

nope had this dude when I was living on my own. Funny enough, my Dad is actually partially to blame for my mouse dying. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and asked him to simple: 1) make sure the food dish was full (my mouse was pretty good at not binging it's food, so you could just just leave enough food for 3/4 days at a time), and 2) make sure he didn't run out of water (my mouse had a tendency to pile up bedding where the water bottle was and it would drain it within a day). In practice, this meant he only had to stop by my apartment maybe 3/4 times but well it turns out he never did.

I came home to find no food, no water (the bedding had been piled up but at this point had dried out), but an alive pet. I have no idea how long he had been without food or water but he was noticeably stressed from the whole situation (had an anxiety problem where it would over groom to the point of getting bald spots) and passed away a few weeks later.


JohnOliverismysexgod t1_ixrwzlm wrote

What a sad story. I'm so sorry.


1live4downvotes t1_ixrxv8w wrote

yeah I was not happy to say the least... though my mouse had one foot in the grave for a while. I had been considering euthanizing him, so after he passed it was a bit of a relief.


calgil t1_ixsh6ha wrote

Your dad's a piece of shit.


Cyberpunkapostle t1_ixrryea wrote

I kept mice as a kid and never had one live longer than a year or so. They're great little fun pets though. Just don't get attached to them.


idbanthat t1_ixu3lyp wrote

When I was a kid, a friend had pet mice that had a whole mess of babies, and my guardian said I could have one. But when I went back to see them, the mom mouse had eaten them all....... Happened with her hamsters babies too... Whyyyyyyy were her animals eating their babies?!!!!


WhiteClifford t1_ixsxc7y wrote

My guinea pig made it to 9.

ETA: I know my parents didn't replace him because I raised him hand-fed, so he was super tame and sociable. I also taught him tricks.


ultimatepenguin21 t1_ixsvgbq wrote

I had a goldfish for about 5 years and that's not even that long compared to some other goldfish


Wartzba t1_ixs74bm wrote

Woah I have a coydog too, hes 7 but acts like a puppy still. hoping for another 15 years with the dude


RatRob t1_ixr4747 wrote

Feel like this “record” isn’t possibly the record. My buddy just had his mini dachshund die this year at the ripe young age of 21 (just shy of 22 by a few weeks).

22 can’t possibly be the record. I feel like it isn’t even close to what it could be.


Greentaboo t1_ixrd10v wrote

There was a dog at 29. This is for the currently alive category.


snowbirdie t1_ixrmtsr wrote

No, it’s a paid title. It’s not the oldest dog alive. You pay them to say whatever.


Kim-dongun t1_ixrs2sv wrote

Yet no one in these comments has even an anecdote of a dog that would beat this record, so until that happens I'll accept it.


indieplants t1_ixsgxnt wrote

Uh, the comment above says oldest dog alive was 29, and my Patch was 23 when he died last Christmas. He was a jack russell. I can assure you there are older dogs out there


pugyoulongtime t1_ixs4p7x wrote

I’d be so happy if my boy lived that long, wow. His life expectancy is 15 at the most and he’s 4 right now. It already feels like I only got him last year 😔


Greentaboo t1_ixs51e6 wrote

I had a Rottie make it to 16. Easily tied for best dog ever with a Mini Pinscher I had as a child. Most of my rottie's siblings pass between ages 8-10. He was pretty spry and honestly he went from being very fit to dying almost overnight. It was hard to take.


justwannagiveupvotes t1_ixsgpni wrote

That’s the best way for them to go though right? My last dog almost made 15. She was fine and happy (eating well, walking for 30 mins every day on 3 legs) until one day she got really sick. Took her to the vet, it was clearly her time, they gave her enough pain killers for me to bring her home and they came to our house to give the injection. I wanted her last memory to be our bed, she hated the vet. All happened over 2 days. I think it’s harder when there’s a slow decline and you have to work out quality of life.


gigatension t1_ixs3oex wrote

A blue heeled named Bluey of all things. Died in the 1970’s. This title is baloney.


DominionGhost t1_ixr920d wrote

Agreed. My childhood shi'tzu broke 21 as well, I don't feel like she was in amazing condition her whole life.


AnthoZero t1_ixrmp4m wrote

My dog is 16 and we are probably putting her down next week. She’s blind, deaf and has incontinence and it feels like she’s 2/3 years overdue. I can’t imagine another 5 years of her. At a certain point keeping them alive feels meaner than putting them to rest.


DominionGhost t1_ixro73m wrote

Yeah I should add that my dog was fine until a few weeks before the end. She did go blind for years but still was playing until her last month.

We didn't keep her in suffering.

Edit also I'm sorry for your puppers.


Doodleslr t1_ixrts3n wrote

My dachshund/corgi hit 20 before he went.

There's something about dachshunds..


Clarknt67 t1_ixsmygo wrote

Most small breeds like longer than large breeds.


Tuskn t1_ixrjymk wrote

Eh, how can the age of this dog be verified if it's a rescue?


shrimpcest t1_ixrpjmk wrote

By handing Guinness a bag of money. Instant verification!


Frosted-Crocus t1_ixrqz5u wrote

Not an exhaustive list, but it could have been born at the rescue, been very young when they found it (it came into care to same year it was adopted), come straight from a puppy mill, or could have been been surrendered voluntarily by an owners who provided vet history.


SKYDROVE t1_ixr54se wrote

A simple Google search suggests that another dog lived to 29. Screw Guinness records.


fred_lincoln t1_ixr66bu wrote

The record is for the oldest LIVING dog. But I still agree with your second sentence.


snowbirdie t1_ixrmxdt wrote

There are way older living dogs. Their owners just didn’t pay for the title.


Gilgamesh72 t1_ixrl5yq wrote

My dog was the oldest one living at my house


[deleted] t1_ixratoq wrote



SKYDROVE t1_ixrbemu wrote

In no sarcastic way what so ever can you define what youre talking about? Define living and why that's different than the oldest dog who made it to 29?


Ocularias t1_ixrbpf0 wrote

...The dog is still alive. They have record for oldest living thing all the time, this is not a unique nor a difficult thing to understand.


SKYDROVE t1_ixrbzci wrote

That simple huh? I truly don't get how that's a record but hey people be people.


scottydc91 t1_ixrcs0u wrote

The record changes, when the oldest dies, the next oldest becomes the record holder. It's a repeating cycle, really not that hard to understand.


Ocularias t1_ixrc5te wrote

It's a long running thing at least in the "oldest living human" department.


Boathead96 t1_ixrhj47 wrote

Are you actually asking someone to define why a dead dog is not living 😂


maverickhunterpheoni t1_ixqx8fn wrote

We need to isolate the DNA to breed a race of super dogs that live as long as their owners.


UnroastedPepper t1_ixr0jny wrote

Until we go too far and the dogs live so long the dynamic flips and now we are the pets and they are the owners.

Dog planet.


Gernahaun t1_ixr447v wrote

I'd almost be okay with that. Let them have a go at things, yknow!


mercypillow27 t1_ixrlkag wrote

I'd allow it. Especially if it meant I'd have my Woodstock back. He'd be a good owner.


BizzyM t1_ixra3ab wrote

You know it could be developed into a very satisfying project for people of all ages. I mean, I'd watch it, for at least 11 minutes a pop. You know, maybe they'll do it board-driven.


sandmanchase t1_ixru102 wrote

That thought scares me just because of what happens to some birds with their owners. Now I know birds and dogs are vastly different, but I can imagine some owners getting tired of their dogs after 30 maybe 40 years and wanting nothing to do with them. The thought depresses me and I hope that's not how it turns out cause my Yorkie is almost 12 and has started showing visible signs of problems, I'm scared how much longer she will last.


Philypnodon t1_ixr9rnl wrote

That means there's currently no dog alive that was born in the last millennium. Wow


foxxof9 t1_ixrehtq wrote

Guinness world records isn’t a legitimate record keeping group. It’s all for profit and has no real intention of accurate record keeping.


PantsMcGillicuddy t1_ixri9pc wrote

They take the information that people bring to them for something they think is a record and try to verify/compare to other info they have.

How do you want them to track every record in the world? And especially for such random shit they track?


foxxof9 t1_ixrjbzf wrote

There a literally submissions they don’t allow people to keep resubmitting for. See: worlds oldest cat, it’s a paid for submission. If you have enough money to throw around you can have any number of bs records. If they were legitimate in any way why wouldn’t they allow other people to submit their old cats? Hmm? It’s almost like someone with an old cat paid for it and now no one else can try and out do it. Toooooootally legitimate.


girlscoutcookies05 t1_ixqyw5t wrote

(this is a cruel reminder that they live such shirt lives)


GrowInTheSunshine t1_ixqp4wb wrote

Oldest that we know of. My mom had a rescue dog that we can only estimate was around 18 or 19 when she passed.


pools456 t1_ixqtgvu wrote

So this dog still beats your mom’s lol…


sandmanchase t1_ixru8dz wrote

I have read most the comments and I understand Guinness has to make money somehow. I just wanted to know if anyone remembers like a post a couple days or maybe a week back about a guy whos dog was like 25 and still alive.


liquidsyphon t1_ixrwv7z wrote

Don’t get a turtle unless you anticipate that you might die before the turtle.


renrioku t1_ixs6hu0 wrote

My parents got a chihuahua when I was 3, she just died a couple years ago at the age of 25. Guiness should re-evaluate that record and stop taking bribes.


Siferra84 t1_ixs6kcx wrote

I grew up with three poodles, one of which made it to 21. The other two lived to 17 and 19. I actually didn't know this was that big of a deal for dogs to live this long until fairly recently.


Electronic-1911 t1_ixs1pen wrote

Honestly, 22 doesn’t seem that impressive. That can’t be right.


metafruit t1_ixrm4s0 wrote

There's one dog still alive out there. And it's CTVT.


barnivere t1_ixrnoqs wrote

Bought and paid for.


Dwestmor1007 t1_ixs4f18 wrote

Times like these are when I wish I could prove his old my moms dog is. I am 31 she was born when I was 6 from the dog we had before.


lazergoblin t1_ixry3b4 wrote

Damn. My chihuahua "Mia" was so close. She made it to about 19 and a half. This past Halloween would have been her birthday. I miss her.


enraged768 t1_ixsf1qb wrote

I just put down a jack Russell that we got in 1997. So put that Guinness world record up your ass.


vanemcoffman t1_ixshgdb wrote

I’ve definitely seen older dogs in my clinic. Next time I see one I’ll tell them to Guinness.


drakeftmeyers t1_ixsntjc wrote

My dog is 23. He can’t hear, and can barely see but he can see.

I will post a picture but I don’t have documentation.


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phanlongtran t1_ixs49sw wrote

Uncle once had a dog. The dog was 24. Should be "in your world" instead


Katiari t1_ixs8y3u wrote

Oldest living cat: "Hold my catnip."


iggnac1ous t1_ixsdjkj wrote

I was born in September, and got a puppy for Xmas. Much to my mother’s chagrin. Sandy was an outside dog all of his life. Dad would set his fog house inside the garage and fill it with straw snd blankets for the winter. In December after my 21st bday, I found his rope had been chewed in half. We never saw him again.


kingjia90 t1_ixsf7zn wrote

TIL old dogs have white hair


Clarknt67 t1_ixsm8ci wrote

My neighbors just lost their 22 year old dachshund. I knew that was old but didn’t realize it was a global record.


condemned02 t1_ixsq36q wrote

There is no way 22 yr old is the world's oldest living dog. So young?


youngsav94 t1_ixsu4ea wrote

I hope my doggo lives until 22, he’s 12 but still got lots of life in him. And yes he’s a small dog chihuahua/Boston mix.


PheIix t1_ixsu9ay wrote

Didn't the guy with this dog just post on reddit? I'm sure I read something and he was looking into having his dog entered into Guinness after seeing some other dogs age on this site?


Shamploop t1_ixtet2s wrote

My uncle is in the process of proving this guy’s defeat with his 23 year old puppy, but it is really hard to prove!


Knichols2176 t1_ixtgrvi wrote

This is messed up because I had an American Eskimo that lived to 24. I know of other people who had dogs live longer than this.


charyoshi t1_ixu5scq wrote

Guinness world records doesn't even know what the world's biggest cake looks like.


Juliecornio t1_ixucbfu wrote

As a vet who worked in a public hospital in Brazil, I've seen dogs older than 22 and it always surprised me. For sure not the oldest dog alive


Sudden_Blueberry_477 t1_ixugvwi wrote

This isn't the oldest living. Guinness is so pointless because people can buy these titles. For example, the other day I saw one that said the oldest living cat and it was 28. The oldest living cat was another cat who was 38 years of age.


Gaxar1 t1_ixrmcxa wrote

Of course it’s a rat. God those dogs are absolute cancer. I’ve met one chihuahua that hasn’t been a total asshole in my life. Why can’t German shepherds live this long. Because there God people.