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CupResponsible797 t1_iy3onse wrote

It's okay to be gay, it's not okay to be non-passing transgender. Nobody said the place is perfect.


SafeHayven t1_iy466f6 wrote

They are transphobic because of their savage culture and benighted, bigoted religion. Let’s be completely honest here.


heartless-tramp t1_iy4dy3j wrote

Their bigoted religion? Hahahaha then tell me whose religion is not bigoted? Can you do that? Can you?


CupResponsible797 t1_iy476k9 wrote

Sure, but you're still more likely to have your ass kicked on the street as a transgender person walking around in Europe than in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

It's indisputable that transgender people are almost universally hated, this problem is hardly exclusive to Islam.


SafeHayven t1_iy47nan wrote

Completely nonsense. In the Arab world they KILL trans people just for existing.


CupResponsible797 t1_iy48jcz wrote

They don't kill transgender people in the UAE.

Shit, even in shitholes like Iran they don't kill transgender people. The government will actually pay for you to have a sex change surgery.

Generally these countries have a far bigger problem with transvestites than transgender people, but if you're not passing MTF that's a problem.


SafeHayven t1_iy49697 wrote

It may not be technically illegal but Sharia is still socially enforced, and Sharia calls for my death. The UAE government doesn’t even let binary trans people in to the country, let alone non-binary and gender nonconforming people.

In Iran, that only applies if you are binary and straight. An asexual, agender person like me would be sent to swing or be stoned.


CupResponsible797 t1_iy4azkp wrote

UAE generally lets trans people into the country, there are hundreds of ads on various trans escort sites. Grindr is full of transgender folks.

Transgender Emiratis are allowed to go through sex changes and live their lives, even if they don't get to change their gender on their government documents. But the same happens in Western countries