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alabasterwilliams t1_iy777dy wrote

How in the blue fuck is this uplifting?

Sugar in the US was made possible by forced labor and a tragically bloody path carved through Cuba starting in 1899.

We are responsible for such an immense amount of suffering, this is like slapping a dirty band-aid on an already gangrenous wound.

Empty and meaningless.


CopperFoxsee t1_iy7yfh3 wrote

It is 100% public relations bullshit. If big corporations really wanted to end slave labour, they would work with the supply chain to stop it, not just refuse to buy the product.


MarvinHeemyerlives t1_iy8p3v6 wrote

The big US sugar manufacturers are behind it, they don't want cheap sugar in America. Rest of the world pays half what we Americans do for refined sugar.


CO_PC_Parts t1_iy94dx7 wrote

Yup, the US gov't heavily restricts foreign sugar. This is just another excuse to exclude additional sugar. Also sugar is price fixed and not a true market commodity.

I grew up in a sugar beet region of the US. If you bring any of this up they say that sugar needs to be protected and yadda yadda yadda. They bitch about everything the gov't does, except when it comes time to hand out those subsidy checks.


GnomesSkull t1_iy7zyli wrote

Bad things in the past invalidating good things now is a good way for no progress to happen.


alabasterwilliams t1_iy84rd9 wrote

Acknowledging the bad past, and doing something other than refusing not to play is a good way for progress to happen.


SlaverSlave t1_iy82oe0 wrote

What about empty gestures masquerading as meaningful policy?