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StokFlame t1_iy7pmeb wrote

Glad they made it off, it's thick enough to walk on now, but you people driving 4 wheelers out there are fucking crazy. Give it another couple weeks 10 inches at least for 4 wheelers, we only have 6 maybe 7 right now.


Sometimes_Stutters t1_iy7te0p wrote

Actually 6 inches of ice is plenty for a four wheeler *if you know what you’re doing. With 6 inches of ice a stationary or slow-moving four wheeler will not fall through. The risk comes from moving at high enough speeds to create a “wake” under the ice behind you. When you suddenly stop the wake will catch up to you, and when it reaches about 3ft behind you the upward push of the wake and the downward push from the four wheelers can cause the ice to break apart.


StokFlame t1_iy7uiqw wrote

I agree, but not in the conditions we have had in this area. Below 20 at night and up to 40 during the day. Your situation would be great with good solid ice, but that's not what we have. We have air pocket filled ice that is not very stable at all right now for heavy machinery to be driving on. We have maybe 3 inches of good solid ice and 3 inches of bad.

Interesting wake concept tho never thought of it like that.

Edit: also as a person that's been here my whole life, I still wait for 10. No fish is worth the cost of your life or all your equipment + fines.


Sometimes_Stutters t1_iy7whu9 wrote

I grew up in the area as well lol. I’ve always been a little more cavalier with ice, but usually stick to snowmobile.

I swear this ice rescue on red happened every year


BarbequedYeti t1_iy83j5p wrote

> *if you know what you’re doing.

Spoiler: They never know what they are doing.


McDuchess t1_iy9ijhr wrote

And because this was the warmest November I can remember, the lake was very likely not covered uniformly with that 6” of ice.


chantillylace9 t1_iy7z2zq wrote

Minnesota is notorious for spring fed lakes so there are tons of weak spots on the ice, even during the coldest part of winter.


Sometimes_Stutters t1_iy803p6 wrote

Minnesotan here. I don’t agree with this statement. Although the vast majority of lakes do have some spring water feed, it doesn’t usually create a weak spot in the ice. Typically lake ice weak spots are at water inflows and outflows from rivers, and these are almost always marked with stakes. The lakes are quite safe to travel on, especially when snow build-up occurs and only plowed roads are traveled by heavy equipment (and the plowed roads are always such that they avoid weak spots). That being said every year people do fall through, but that’s almost always operator error.


chantillylace9 t1_iy80gnx wrote

Man not the two lakes I lived on, the springs kept holes in the ice year round.

One of the springs actually came up into our basement and travelled downhill to the lake to feed it. My mom turned it into a super cute little stream. But we sure got a ton of flooded basements!! It was a 100 year old farmhouse which was awesome but way too much work.


fantasmoofrcc t1_iy8bbao wrote

Yeah, I don't know his reasoning. He can go close to the water intakes all he wants, someone else will have a rope to help. Upper and Lower Red lake is pretty darn big (not Superior big, mind you) at 37miles long. Wind would be a bigger factor than just spring feeds in this case.


jimboni t1_iy76jcq wrote

Meh. Try riding a breakoff on Lake Superior. You’re 2 miles out before someone even calls the coast guard.

Also: when you have to get rescued from any ice in MN you lose all your trucks, atvs, ice houses, etc. plus you pay a fine for every day they’re in the lake.


majorpail18 t1_iy7974j wrote

I know you didn’t just call an ice shack an ice house


jimboni t1_iy7a62t wrote

Have you seen them in northern Minnesota? Houses. You can even get pizza delivery on some lakes.


[deleted] t1_iy7vw3b wrote

You can even get prostitutes.


marineropanama t1_iy8jv4e wrote

Wisconsin native here. We don't abide pizza and prostitutes in our ice shacks.


[deleted] t1_iy8l49a wrote

Hey neighbor! I’m in Wisconsin, too. That was a joke about Ohio, though.


marineropanama t1_iy903xj wrote

Yup, that Ohio Mayor's right. There's a huge problem with ice shanties and prostitutes. Imagine a pure, wholesome activity like ice fishing - old guys sipping their old fashioned drinks and slumped over open holes in the ice, waiting for a bite. Suddenly there's a knock at the shanty door and some young hussy is asking to borrow nightcrawlers. Well, it isn't hard to see where that whole scenario is headed, am I right?


[deleted] t1_iy90if3 wrote

Yep, that’s the joke. I’m glad we’re all on the same page again! Lol


shinjincai t1_iy95gar wrote

Anyone calling it a shack isn't from Minnesota lol


LuckyBastard8484 t1_iy7037t wrote

Large chunk of ice breaking off isn’t particularly uplifting but I was too lazy to read the article.


Relatively_Wrong_404 t1_iy7b1pt wrote

Yea it's an annual event. People go out ice fishing too early when there isn't enough ice. Clips go viral every year where brand new cars go through the ice.

This time a whole football field sized chunk broke off. Gap between the chunk and the rest of the ice was a solid 10ft long. Could fall forward from the edge and be halfway to the other side. Lucky enough people got a bridge set up across the chasm and everyone got across to safety. (Some cool pics of the bridge went around.) Initial count was 100+ but by the end it was around 200 people. (don't remember the exact amount)

TL;DR: Not really uplifting, but everyone survived a dangerous situation which could've been a lot worse


TwoSquids t1_iy7k3hy wrote

Yeah here in Wisconsin too. The government says stay off the ice. Ice breakers and everyone goes "no one could have seen this coming".

It's actually infuriating


alabasterwilliams t1_iy85rpn wrote

To be fair, there are some folks that don’t fish outside of ice fishing up here, so I understand their excitement, I just don’t condone it.


Rageniv t1_iy88dza wrote

Yikes. I once knew someone that once died in that lake with their boyfriend. Their ATV fell right through.


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Mail_time76 t1_iy8eplw wrote

Are we talking about the Minnesota that’s voted blue in every presidential election since 1976 and just voted Dem’s into majority in the House, Senate, and Gov’s?


BatteryAcid67 t1_iy7ng43 wrote

Meanwhile in Placerville California is barely been getting down to 50 at night and 65 during the day