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Krizz-Toff t1_iycl8ni wrote

Can I ask a question to validate your reply. What expertise do you have on the subject? If medical to what level in regards to the subject matter?


CultCrossPollination t1_iydfst9 wrote

Sure you can ask, it's quite irrelevant to ask though. I'm personally involved in tumor immunology, the field where therapeutic antibodies 'come from'. But since I'm speaking in facts, and not as a matter of 'trust me I'm a professional', it's better to validate the facts I mention if they sound untrustworthy. The reason why I am aware of this scepticism is because there was a nice documentary on DW, if I remember correctly, and one on our national TV in the Netherlands and a long read in the science department of a very high quality news paper with input from experts. But since we're here now, I don't mind to piss on the pharmaceutical industry a bit more. These antibodies were truly a breakthrough in cancer treatment, completely opening up the immune system as a valid strategy to fight cancer. These companies try to sell the same "breakthrough" but for Alzheimer's. But is laughably pathetic the least and evil to patients/family of patients who get their hopes up. Stop trying to sell it as a wonderdrug with such mediocre results, it only hurts the trust scientists.