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Current-Direction-97 t1_iyd1meb wrote

Maybe just have working smoke alarms? Probably more reliable.


kharjou t1_iydes86 wrote

All purpose dog alarm > smoke alarm


etceterawr t1_iydq8sf wrote

I’ve got one older dog that barks at near anything even remotely out of the ordinary which summons the younger dog, who leaps into action, investigates, and generally quiets him down. If he also barks, I know I need to check it out.

They work well together.


Current-Direction-97 t1_iydpohb wrote

Not even close to the safety and reliability against death from a fire overnight that a working smoke alarm can provide.


HouseOfSteak t1_iydiipz wrote

Also ensure your smoke alarms are spread throughout the house and will go off before the fire breaks into the room.


Some dogs have saved their owners from fires in houses with ablaze rooms that didn't reach the smoke alarm until after the fire suddenly shot through the rest of the home and then finally got to an alarm.

That's also assuming you don't sleep through the alarm accidentally, but not the dog going ballistic.


Current-Direction-97 t1_iydpvtu wrote

A smoke alarm is far far far more reliable than an animal that can also easily succumb to smoke inhalation.


cruista t1_iydyh3n wrote

Yes, we hardly see any newspapers interviewing people who dog didn't wake them in a fire.


HouseOfSteak t1_iydz8la wrote

Yes. I didn't suggest otherwise.


However, 'just having a fire alarm' isn't enough, they need to actually be spaced appropriately. A smoke alarm in the hallway above your bedroom will not inform you of a fire in the laundry room until it is very, very late.


Cg407 t1_iyeo2jz wrote

He did. This is just pro pit bull propaganda.


SouthCharles t1_iydt7mj wrote

Dog who didn't want to die: (the office handshake meme)


green49285 t1_iydqtwf wrote

Dogs, and most pets, take that shit seriously, yo. They know when some shit it up.


UncannyPoint t1_iydklg1 wrote

My brother in law's dog, raised the alarm to my wife that our kitchen table was on fire. The fact it was tied to said table is inconsequential.


becelav t1_iyds8se wrote

Not a fire but my pup alerts me if my anxiety is about to kick in. He also wakes us up if our other dog is about to have a seizure.

He was never trained to, he’s been doing it since he was a puppy. I think he may have been a support animal in a different life.


retailtherapy6991 t1_iydiqgo wrote

I totally believe it. In 2012, my rescue Boston Terrier/Staffy Mix alerted my parents to our house fire and they were able to get out completely safe. Truly heroes. I love pups!


nihility101 t1_iye08c7 wrote

There is a comedian who has a bit about this. The idea being, is the dog saving you, or themselves? If the dog could work the doorknob and escape, would they wait around for you?


skedeebs t1_iydab34 wrote

The dog valiantly climbed a stepstool and replaced the battery in the smoke alarm.


BroMan-Z t1_iydtewj wrote

My cat woke me up because he was hungry and I smelled like an electrical burn smell or rubber.

Searched all over and found the smell coming from the dishwasher. Silverware had fallen onto the heated drying ring and the handle melted.

tl;dr cats are useless for potential fires


homebrew_1 t1_iye2esq wrote

Or just get a smoke detector.


Catsdontpaytaxes t1_iydkejj wrote

What if the same dog also set the fire...🤔


dogWEENsatan t1_iyduqzr wrote

My dog saved me in a house fire too. Was piss drunk and a candle lit the house on fire. Luckily Dogg was losing his shit and it woke me up in time to grab my roommate and gtfo. We lived in a rental and i was young and dumb. Never went to sleep without a working fire alarm in my home after that.


fatogato t1_iyevkxk wrote

What they didn’t mention was the dog started the fire.


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Destinlegends t1_iye02ea wrote

I woke up one night and my ceiling was on fire and my dog was cowering under a desk. :/


FaveDave85 t1_iye7nit wrote

No anti pitbull circlejerk comments? I'm shocked


360walkaway t1_iye8nwb wrote

I guess this balances out the shotgun-dog from yesterday


Bhimtu t1_iyeqhsh wrote

Wow, he is SO lucky, and his doggy is a beauty! Give her dog bones & chewies for life!!


OrwellianZinn t1_iyf3brl wrote

When I was young, we had a house fire and my sister was the only person home at the time, and she had fallen asleep on the couch. Our dog woke her up by barking and making noise, and she was able to get out of the house on time. Our local newspaper ran a story on it, and our dog got his picture in the paper.

His name was Fred, and he was a very good boy.


Sariel007 OP t1_iyd1jeu wrote



slagwa t1_iydhjud wrote

I heard the same thing about a cat in Chicago. Nah, who are we kidding...a cat?

(Its a joke folks)