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gentlemancaller2000 t1_iyhgy6z wrote

Why are we calling them pay phones if they’re free to use?


benbalooky t1_iyhne3h wrote

Yeah wouldn't they just be "public phones"


imforit t1_iyhncbd wrote

So we know at a glance what form factor they're talking about.

"Payphone" has a strong and specific meaning.


Dzus t1_iyhxxzg wrote

Found Seinfeld's burner account


sneaky_squirrel t1_iyhx0b5 wrote

It says no QUARTERS required.

And it says payphones.

There is a possibility that they meant you pay for these in some other manner, such as a card reader or credit card?

This is merely a mental exercise, I am not actually claiming nor seriously trying to figure out the actual event here.


gentlemancaller2000 t1_iyhxsb8 wrote

And it says “…Making calls will be completely free of charge.”

“To ordinary callers, the phones will work the way they did in the analog era, minus the need to insert coins before making a call. There's a special circuit board that takes the place of the coin acceptor equipment. Making calls will be completely free of charge.”


sneaky_squirrel t1_iyi3ysj wrote

So they are calling them pay phones because they repurposed existing hardware originally meant to be used as payphones.

I guess that explains it.


SubconsciousBraider t1_iyhsrp5 wrote

Nice Oxymoron. Should read, free public phones coming to Philadelphia!


tysenburg t1_iyhtyan wrote

They are setting the payphones to free play!


QualityBurnerAccount t1_iyi2v5a wrote

Yeah but you'll need the battlepass to access the 3 key and to extend the cord past the default 3"...


BadHillbili t1_iyjuz1r wrote

I'm sure street level drug dealers will be very happy about this.


suid t1_iyknnt1 wrote

Exactly. How long before someone uses these for nefarious purposes? Swatting, stalking, you name it..

Philly is the city that killed HitchBot.


lilblu399 t1_iykqix7 wrote

Yes we did and if the rest of the nation rose up against the robots, there wouldn't be talk about giving robots literal bombs(San Francisco PD)


getyourcheftogether t1_iykqpq7 wrote

Disclaimer: by using this fee public phone, you are in agreement to your conversation being subject to periodic monitoring and/or recorded

Honestly, if that were true, wouldn't even bother me, not like any other calls aren't being monitored in some form already


Superdaneru t1_iyl24uz wrote

Stalkers and scammers too. I can't even imagine the fallout this might have. Either it has to have heavy surveillance with zero privacy or this could just be the perfect tool for the wrong person.


ultrastarman303 t1_iyl5g45 wrote

Was a couple bucks in change much of a hurdle before?


Superdaneru t1_iylubyz wrote

For scammers and spam calls at least yeah. If this isn't monitored, someone can just make a device that connects to the phone and makes calls automatically. We already have credit card skimmers. If nobody checks on these phones routinely, I foresee a lot of bugged phones in the future.


Lootcifer- t1_iyhhdsp wrote

You mean free phones then?


thewhitebuttboy t1_iyhnbze wrote

4 payments of $39.99 and then you get a rebate after you mail in your social security card. Rebate will arrive in 6-46 months.


LeviathanGank t1_iyj5zoc wrote

phreaks are back on the menu boys!!


gyarnar t1_iykno3f wrote

Just have to listen to 1, maybe 2 ads first.


Ctricky07 t1_iykz6zu wrote

Pay phones had a way to be free back in the day if you called collect.


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TheGUURAHK t1_iyivl37 wrote

They are now public phones


Walfredo_wya t1_iyksjdd wrote

No one is going to answer a call from them though because they won’t recognize the number


seanx40 t1_iykykru wrote

How soon til they are stolen for the copper?


thygrrr t1_iykzrtx wrote

Microsoft in the 2000s: Linux is a cancer, give them no quarter!


Derekdef34 t1_iyl1in4 wrote

I feel like this isn't going to be as successful as people expect. I really hope I'm wrong though.


VanillaGFD t1_iylq99x wrote

This is an interesting idea…except who tf knows anybody’s phone number anymore 🤣 the only ones I remember are from my childhood