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1PMagain t1_iz38xx6 wrote

I’ve dropped $700 at Home Depot before


Grimdark-Waterbender t1_iz3g72d wrote

And a rubber band? Just I found the rubber band mate!


Curtovirus t1_iz4ltyc wrote

When I worked at HD on a busy day some lady spent about 2k on supplies and counted off 100's and paid me but left the other part of her wad of bills on the counter. It was like an additional 2k so I just bundled it under my till. She came back in 2 hrs later frantic and flagged her down and gave her back her wad. She was grateful to the point of tears.


[deleted] t1_iz5b2qy wrote



gender_nihilism t1_iz5dkhm wrote

credit cards, it's easier to justify to yourself. "victimless crime" they always say. I mean, long-run, if your bank doesn't hate you, it's right enough. but short-term it causes an enormous amount of suffering, and not everyone who has a credit card can afford to use the full balance every month.

you find $2k in cash? try to find who it belongs to. you find a travel rewards card? the temptation is stronger. easier to pocket, easier to get away with using, etc. etc. you get enough time alone with it you don't even gotta take it home. just copy the numbers and try to guess the zip code. diabolical.


Mediocremon t1_iz5bdok wrote

Last time I tried to return a wad I got yelled at because "you can't return used condoms" or something. I wasn't really listening.


ladyoffate13 t1_iz3nlxk wrote

It’s wonderful that they tracked down the owner of that $600.


ForcedToBend t1_iz3w041 wrote

Yep, that’s my $500


Eireze t1_iz46r7t wrote

Even during inflation $400 gets you a long way, happy it was returned


SpartanMartian t1_iz52fu0 wrote

$300 is a lot of money, after all


metr0nome t1_iz40ncq wrote

How does something like this get picked up for a news article. Like does Home Depot call them or does the guy who lost the $700 call them?


champ19nz t1_iz4amlo wrote

In this case they posted on Facebook to find the owner so likely it went viral locally and the local paper picked it up. Although these kind of articles were around long before social media.


nocolon t1_iz4w2bv wrote

Sometimes local news agencies will call the local police department and just ask "hey, anything happening?" It's possible the person called the police but then called them back to say "oh nm, the Home Depot workers found and returned it."

I used to do a lot of work for local municipalities, and on multiple occasions I'd be in the police dispatch area when someone from the local news would call and ask if there's any news.

But it's more likely what champ19nz said.


alexlarrylawrence t1_iz5bmbk wrote

I used to work as a Front End Manager at a big box hardware store, and one day one of my carry outs comes walking in from the parking lot with a wallet full of cash. He tells me he found it in the lot, and didn’t want to put it in the lost and found, as anyone has access to that. So I locked it in the cash room and thanked him. No more than 10 minutes later a customer comes to the desk asking if anyone had turned in a wallet. I checked the ID, and sure enough it was his. He was very grateful, and asked who had turned it in. I told him it was one of the carry out kids, and he asked me to call him up to the desk. I did, and the kid comes walking up, and the guy thanked him, but the part that made this so memorable, is he asked the carry out his name, and started crying as soon as he answered. The carry outs name was Ian, which the guy told us was his sons name, who had passed away not too long ago. The guy offered a reward, which store policy said wasn’t allowed, but I eagerly walked away and mentioned not hearing anything about it.


guera08 t1_iz76g7y wrote

I work at a big box hardware store and all our lost and founds go into the safe (credit cards, cash, drivers licenses and so many phones) it gets logged and then destroyed after 30? days, can't remember exactly. Did yall not have something similar?


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robvya t1_iz3pxtc wrote

Lol I still remember that video of a guy returning like 15k worth of cash and receive a Quran boom as a price hahaha


orzoO0 t1_iz561j2 wrote

Wow that's like a month of pay for a Tennessee home Depot worker


Locomule t1_iz58fd6 wrote



Diplodocus114 t1_iz4kwdv wrote

I once found 20 uk national lottery tickets on the floor at B&Q. No-one in sight. We didn't hand them in - took them home and checked that night's draw. Not one of them won anything.

Had there been a big winning ticket I would have moved heaven and earth to find out who they belonged to. Pre mobile-era.