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theelljar t1_iz50rh5 wrote

OMG poor baby was stuck on a ledge for 7 days, thank goodness she's home now!


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clazaa t1_iz5ow5p wrote

Did you read the article? The dog chased some animal from their yard and ended up lost. It's not like the owners threw this dog out into the wild and didn't care about it.


the_weakestavenger t1_iz5ykue wrote

Nah, if you let your dog experience anything outside of a padded box you’re an abusive idiot! /s


I_Am_Goldy t1_iz5oae6 wrote

You’re quite quick to judge people you have no knowledge of that love their pet enough to include it in their hobby rather than leave them home alone


rpgguy_1o1 t1_iz5uhce wrote

She just got loose from their own yard, sounds like they just live near the trails, Vancouver Island is a pretty rural area. I've had that happen, it's an awful feeling, my indoor cat managed to pop out the screen of a window and go on an adventure. He was only gone for a few hours, but still felt awful not knowing where he was.


szai t1_iz6ffm5 wrote

Yeah I'll admit I can be pretty militant on the "Don't let your animals roam outdoors unsupervised" front but sometimes accidents happen. Glad the dog was ok. And the cat too!


salledattente t1_iz72mge wrote

I live in this area and most peoples' properties abutt wilderness. Bears in your yard are a pretty common occurrence.


Noisy_Toy t1_iz763df wrote

Our dogs once got underneath a fence gate and lifted it out of its hinges, then went on an adventure. We couldn’t believe it. So crafty!


atthebeach_gsd t1_iz7fhv4 wrote

My dog pushed under the tension wire I had installed to stop him from pushing under the fence 🤦‍♀️


Diplodocus114 t1_iz790cd wrote

> Our elderley cat went missing. She had lost her "Miow". I was 16 and put notes through all the neighbours doors asking them to check sheds and garages. She came home after 3 days > 1


KaneRobot t1_iz5ylq2 wrote

>Sounds like as humans we ha e yet again failed to protect animals.

Sounds like a reddit poster has yet again failed to read the article beyond the headline.


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BostonBrandToots t1_iz69uuz wrote

Yes. They should have shot a kid for falling into a pen ... fucking what?

Value of something's life is entirely in the eye of the beholder. No getting around the fact that there are people who value the lives of their dogs over complete people strangers. And you know what, they aren't wrong to do so.


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TarantinoFan23 t1_iz5xp9y wrote

When animals pay taxes, they can have emergency services.


BostonBrandToots t1_iz6a1yf wrote

>When animals pay taxes, they can have emergency services.

I pay the city to have pets. So fork it over, dumb ass lol


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BostonBrandToots t1_iz6ad7n wrote

>I'm not going to argue about this

Continues to spew all over the thread

Fucking maulding


PirateJinbe t1_iz5p81m wrote

Whether you like it or not, thats quite subjective.


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No_Instruction2123 t1_iz5s44c wrote

I don’t know about you but I’d pretty much let every single one of my neighbors die if it meant it would save my cats 🤷‍♂️


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No_Instruction2123 t1_iz5tac1 wrote

A legal argument is not a moral one. No one ever appeals to the law in these kinds of conversations, that’s just leading to an easy debunking. Just take India’s reverence for cows, they’re considered much more important than human lives in nearly every sense.

Also that’s not how criminal negligence works, I’m in no place of responsibility to risk my life to save yours UNLESS I’m registered as an EMT or nurse or something and take that legal responsibility on as my own. You sound like a high schooler that took one Gov class


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No_Instruction2123 t1_iz5w4e1 wrote

Dude….. that’s the law in nearly every English speaking country, which I’m assuming by your proper use of English you are from, but maybe I’m wrong.

It’s called “duty to rescue”, nobody has the legal responsibility to save anyone else if it involves endangering themselves. And it should absolutely stay that way, you’re insane if you think otherwise.


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No_Instruction2123 t1_iz5xjuk wrote

In what other possible situation would I have to choose between my cats and neighbors? Seriously?


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No_Instruction2123 t1_iz62hs2 wrote

I have no obligation to risk my life in a fire to save my neighbors. If I choose to save my cats I’m well within my right. That’s the lawful argument which you should be fully aware of based on your previous statements. Also I’m 100% sure most people would choose their pets over a near stranger anyway, but believe what you like

>idk why you got upset and decided to get involved

Nice projection, keep coping kid :)


Littlebotweak t1_iz5yyy1 wrote

> "I used a pot and pan, and every time I banged on the pot and pan the dog barked back," Cheeke told CTV News on Monday.

This is where my heart swelled like the grinch on Christmas eve day.


BeetsMe666 t1_iz6nlz8 wrote

His heart grew on Christmas Day. He stole all their Who garbage and they still were happy in the morning when it was gone.


Littlebotweak t1_iz6q5co wrote

OWCH! That stings.

Guilty, it has been many years since I read or watched the grinch. I suppose I could use a little Boris Karloff reminder this year.


Diplodocus114 t1_iz78ly1 wrote

Our elderley cat went missing. She had lost her "Miow". I was 16 and put notes through all the neighbours doors asking them to check sheds and garages. She came home after 3 days


GiveToOedipus t1_iz6soqn wrote

An enlarged heart can be a sign of cardiovascular disease, you should get that checked out.


pale_blue_dots t1_iz7bt34 wrote

Oh man, just imagine going through that. Bit heart-wrenching, isn't it?


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Shiblets t1_iz541ax wrote

ROAM really did some amazing work with this rescue. I am so happy there was a good ending. The only thing more I would've wanted from this story is seeing the pup in warm jam jams, getting fed and watered by the fire.


DugNugget t1_iz75otu wrote

I know some wonderful people who volunteer with ROAM and we're lucky they're out there doing this work. It doesn't always end well, but they sure work hard to find resolution. I think I'm overdue to donate to them this year, and just hope I never need their services.


Shiblets t1_iz7krt2 wrote

You know some heroes. Now that I know they accept donations, it's time to donate


gingerfawx t1_iz56lhk wrote

What amazing people. So happy they were able to save her.


yesmilady t1_iz6wo2v wrote

My dog falling off a cliff is one of my worst nightmares. I don't frequent cliffs, but it's still something I am awfully scared of.


RustyPickles t1_iz6zp8d wrote

Always use a leash near cliffs! I know my dog is clumsy, so I don’t take any chances with him accidentally stumbling off a ledge. (Obviously doesn’t apply to escapees like in the article).


derlich t1_iz88j5v wrote

My dog nearly did fall off a cliff. She's stupid as fuck, but I'd fight a tiger with my bare hands for her.


Professional-Bat4635 t1_iz725gl wrote

It's a miracle she didn't die of dehydration.


Catsrules t1_iz7axqg wrote

I was thinking the same thing. Google saids Dog can go without water for about 3 days same time as humans. It was always my understanding that 3 days might be able to be extended under ideal conditions but not by much. 7 Days really doesn't seem likely.

I have to think the dog ate snow or had access to a small source of water. Maybe being on a cliff you would have a small water run off as the snow melted during the day?


y0shman t1_iz5hrc0 wrote

I'm not crying, you're crying.


foggy-sunrise t1_iz7vcse wrote

>He added that Luna didn't give up while trapped alone in the cold for seven days, and that pet owners shouldn't give up on their animals as well.



danatron1 t1_iz6rbac wrote

7 days? Damn, must've been a tall cliff.


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JCunny10 t1_iz719k8 wrote

I'm not crying, you're crying


Diplodocus114 t1_iz798bj wrote

There is always the "wrong cat" story.


dgamr t1_iz8hm36 wrote

I would watch this movie. But who would play the leading role of the dog?


bkovic t1_iz9j2gi wrote

Dogs like “thanks for waiting for me guys!”


Gumbys_sidepiece t1_iz5mt1q wrote

Why would you reunite and animal with a clearly negligent family?


Dra5iel t1_iz5ry3v wrote

So what part of this is specifically negligent? You keep spouting this but haven't explained your reasoning and its pretty clear the rest if us are not seeing it the way you do.


Kthonic t1_iz5txkx wrote

It's just another alumni graduate of the Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good.